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Computer Servers that Serve You Well

Having a powerful server that meets every aspect of your needs is detrimental to your success and peace of mind when it comes to running your business. It must be fast, efficient, and powerful. When choosing a company to provide hosting, be sure to dig deep and examine the servers that will be powering your website. You will want to make sure that speeds of 10gbps unmetered come standard, but there are some other considerations that one must take into account that extend beyond the speed barrier.
Make it fit before you commit
More often than not, businesses report that they are less than satisfied with the company supporting their online presence, and the functionality of the servers. In an article published by Small Business Computing, the author offers tips on how to pick a server. The article states that a longstanding complaint from many small and midsize businesses is that they receive scant attention from server vendors, and that their needs are an afterthought. The author also expresses that often the vendor’s products that are meant to be “tailored” to the client’s requirements are, in reality, simply “lite” versions of the enterprise-class models. When shopping around, be sure to get exact server specifications, and research their ratings within the online community.
Getting mean with blades
This article is not referring to the stabbing sort, but rather the server variety. A blade server is a stripped down entity with a modular design that is optimized to grant minimal physical space and energy, versus a standard rack-mount server that functions with power chords and network cables. The blade servers remove several components to free up space and minimize power consumption while still maintaining all the functional components to make it a computer. In the mentioned article above by ‘Small Business Computing’, the author mentions Tyan Computer’s marketing manager John Nguyen and his recommendation that SMBs buy blades to provide good internal storage capabilities. The organization, he advices, can then buy an external array to meet its storage needs and network it to other servers to create an IP.
If you want power at its finest, then be sure to contact the company you are considering to partner with, and ask specific questions such as:
·      Do you use blade servers?
·      What kind of power feeds do they have?
·      How many GB of RAM?
·      What about access?
As far as blade servers are concerned, make sure they are HP, Dell, IBM or Cisco, These are the major players, and any company that considers itself a giant in the industry will use these, versus smaller brands like Oracle and AVADirect. Also, make sure the server uses a fully redundant dual A/B power feed and has at least 192GB of RAM, as well as KVM access.
Let them serve you
When researching a company to provide you with a server, be sure to interview them, and make sure they can serve you and your needs at the pinnacle level of your needs. You don’t take your online business lightly, nor should the company you partner with.
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