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Business Tech: How to Best Utilize Machine Based-Learning Technology

The business world is abuzz with news of companies leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence to improve their business processes. However, talk is cheap and very few business owners know how to actually use machine-based learning in day to day operations. Deploying AI solutions in your business is easier than it seems. In this guide, we will check out how you can best utilize machine-based learning technology to grow your business.

Consult the Experts to Get Started

Hiring a consultant or AI expert to set up a machine learning based process may seem like a no-brainer. Unfortunately, many business owners skip this crucial step. Some believe that deploying AI solutions is similar to building your own website or setting up an email address- and nothing could be further from the truth. An AI professional can do wonders in deploying effective AI solutions for your business. General analysts and data scientists can help with this process.

Use a Search-based Business Intelligence Platforms

A business intelligence platform gives individual business owners the ability to sift through massive amounts of data using a simple interface. Prior to BI platform development, it was necessary to have a specialized data analyst on hand to make sense of your AI data. With the creation of business intelligence platforms, anyone who knows how to read a spreadsheet or simple data can gain insights from artificial intelligence platforms. You can perform tasks like entity extraction or named entity recognition using these systems.

Find Profitable Niches

Machine learning algorithms can help you find unexploited niches on commerce platforms and search engines. Since the data generated by an advertising campaign or landing page can be far too voluminous for one person to handle, outsourcing that grunt work can free business owners up to focus on the real meat and potatoes of their day to day tasks.

Leverage Insights to Drive Growth

Identifying niches is only the first step in using machine-based learning to drive profits. Leveraging the data and touchpoints you find with AI requires a marketing plan in place that takes into account the information you glean from your business intelligence campaign. Google Adwords, Adsense, Trends and Insights can all help you plan a path to take once you have utilized machine-based learning tech.
The future is coming and machine-based learning is going to be a major part of business decisions for years to come. It is not unthinkable that BI will one day be completely run by algorithms and computers.

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