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Google Glass: A New Technology that can Help you to Make Google Search in a Different Way

The co founder of Google Mr. Sergey Brin and Larry Page were seen in a photograph on the subway in New York in which they were wearing the Google Glass, which is one of the latest offerings of the company which can augment the mind of Google users. However, the question still remains whether it will be able to augment the minds of Google users or not.
Google GlassOne thing can be said for sure that Google Glasses are one of the most incredible technologies invented by Google. If you wear these glasses and then see a location or a person about whom the data is there in the Google, you will get the necessary information like the location of a particular place. Only what you need to do is, you have to add the glasses with Wi-Fi.
However, Google glasses are still in the development stage. However, the development is going extremely fast and Google is expected to ship this brand new device within the end of this year.  It will surely be a wonderful technology created by Google and it will change your experience of searching information in Google.
These glasses can work as a mediate between the reality and the user but still it seems that the whole idea can be less far-fetched. It can be a great fun for some minutes is good. However, one thing should be kept in mind that the computer attached with this device can capture the videos and photographs and then can share those very soon on which most online interactions will be possible. However, it seems that Google does not have this in mind.
These glasses are able to do various kinds of functions. However, it’s true that the functions what this device can do, can also be done by the help of a Smartphone or a tablet. The best thing about this new technology is that this time you can actually wear your device on your face and the experience will be quite new for you.
You can say the Google Glass is nothing but a simple continuation of human relationships with technology. The users of mobile phones remain always busy with their handsets for checking emails or logging into Facebook even spoiling their sleep at midnight. If you consider such cases, it will be quite clear that, our emotional engagement with the reality is actually sacrificed by the online interaction and performance.
With a device like Google glass sighting of friends will be mediated by a device. The information which is known to you about that person will again be delivered to you by Google. In fact, it will be able to tell you about the location where you are physically existing by the help of an algorithm.
It is true that new technologies become part and parcel of your life. Now this new technology of Google is surely going to be a device which will help you to edit yourself and your thinking and imagination. This is going to be something extremely new to a lot of people who love to use new technologies.

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