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Parks and Rec: How Modern Technology is Changing our Playgrounds

The modern playground looks a little different than when you were a child. Designers are working to make it safer and more engaging for kids. Here are some of the ways that modern technology is changing playgrounds.

Increase in Modular Play Options

With the rise in childhood obesity rates, more modular play areas are being established in different locations to attract more families to them. This is to encourage kids to be more active while out with their parents. You may have noticed these types of play structures popping up around your area. They tend to be smaller play structures that utilize the plastic modular design in unique and self-contained manners.

Pairing Technology with Play

Technology is becoming more mainstream with kids. This can often leave them wanting to only sit around and engage in screen time during the day. Some playgrounds are cashing in on this by installing technology hubs and encouraging kids to play technology based games while still remaining active. For example, Pokémon Go is one such technology based game that has people getting outdoors and moving around. Another innovation is the use of technology to develop better covered playgrounds to avoid harmful sun exposure.

Increased Playground Versatility

Playgrounds are changing the types of features that are available to kids. Some of these features include waterworks and items of a similar nature. Companies like Hydro Construction Products have stainless grates available that make installing these water toys easier manage and keep in good operating order. Another form of versatility that can be observed is with climbing ropes instead of the old metal pipes. This helps kids to develop their core muscles and remain a little safer.

Nature Inspired Structures

The design of the play structures has evolved over the years. More playgrounds are designing their play equipment to flow and fit in with nature. For example, metal casing can be used to create the texture that’s observed in more natural areas. A unique playground can be designed around these features so that it engages a child’s imagination so that they’re more willing to play on it. Recycled materials are also being used in both the play equipment as well as the underlayment of the playground.
As technological advancements continue to be made, playgrounds will become more of a statement than just a place to play. Engaging kids is the ultimate goal in activity. Consider these innovations next time you visit your local playground with your kids.

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