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Tech Specs: 5 Ways Futurism is Affecting our World


Companies like Futurism Entertainment and Ubisoft are developing video games that are more and more immersive. Some of the top video games that will come out this year include Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 and Kingdom Hearts III. Futurism affects entertainment by shaping how people think about where technology is going. Jules Verne predicted nuclear submarines a century before they came into use with his 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Science fiction entertainment often predates similar innovations in the technology sector.


One of the great efficiency breakthroughs of the 21st Century is additive manufacturing, which is commonly known as 3D printing. With additive manufacturing, it is possible to build objects using a computer program, and then have a special type of printer make the object out of the additive substance, which may be plastic, metal, or concrete. Additive manufacturing has a huge variety of potential implications for revolutionizing the fabrication of automobiles, aircraft, and even housing construction projects. Some of the experts in additive manufacturing include Vyomesh Joshi, Kevin McAlea, and Phil Schultz.


As experts try to solve economic problems in order to bolster governments, futurism has a place. Part of futurism is looking at what worked in the past, and how that can be applied to future reform of economic systems. Comparing the economies of North Korea and South Korea show the differences in philosophy that guide these two nations. However, there is a movement for both countries to learn from each other and adapt their future policies to be more similar. Columnist and libertarian economist Henry Hazlitt precisely defined economics as looking at both the immediate and long-term effects of a given act or policy for everyone involved. If we raise taxes now, how does it affect us now, and 100 years from now? That kind of thinking is futurism, and it plays an important role in economic analysis.


As society and technology evolve, so must business. Every aspect of business is making changes and including tech to make their processes better and more efficient. Things like name matching tools, social media, SEO strategies, and more are used in the hiring process. Digital marketing and social media are being incorporated into growing small and big businesses. The free market is not exempt from the growth and innovation brought about by futurism and tech advancement.


The application and use of power affects how the future turns out. If President Donald Trump continues to encourage a shutdown in the U.S. government in order to have his way on the issue of building a border wall, this will be an alteration of the future stability of the U.S. government. If Donald Trump chooses to compromise with his opponents in the Democrat controlled House of Representatives, that will also have different consequences on the U.S. government. When politicians pass laws and make pronouncements, they are engaging in futuristic type practices. Future generations are affected by powerful individuals’ decisions on core issues.

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