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New Marketing Video? 4 Tips to Capture Your Audience

Creating a marketing video is easier than ever before, thanks to advancements in digital technology. However, just having a camera capable of shooting high-quality video doesn’t mean any video you shoot will end up being high quality. Creating a video that people actually want to watch isn’t impossible, but it does take certain knowledge from the get-go. Here are 4 tips to creating a marketing video that your audience will actually want to watch and share.

Make sure you have good sound

While the cameras on most smartphones have come a long way, their microphones are nowhere near enough to pick up quality sound for a professional video. Even if you are using a high-end digital camera, the camera was designed to maximize image quality, not sound. If you are shooting any kind of marketing video, you want to use an external microphone for picking up voices and other audio that needs to be recorded live with the actions. Be sure to add in quality background music and sound effects to keep your audience entertained and engaged, and to help manage pacing.

Consider hiring a promotional model

Promotional modeling is something of a hybrid between print modeling and acting. Promotional models will generally not have the same level of training as a professional actor, but rather are meant to present a professional and attractive appearance and voice to your marketing. While you may want to be in the video yourself, unless you’re a model yourself, you’ll probably want to let the perfect smiles and manicured hands present your company to the internet. They will be able to speak more professionally about your product and probably even sell it far better than you can. Promotional modeling actors are also much more affordable than hiring celebrities, and require much less niche knowledge to be impressed by.

 Pay attention to lighting

A camera lens is designed to work much like a human eye, but doesn’t work nearly as efficiently. Just like a human eye, a camera lens contains an iris which opens or closes to let in more or less light. If you don’t have enough light, you get dark, blurry images that are hard to make out. If you have too much light, however, you get bright, white spots that distract your audience. Ambient lighting needs to be obtained for the perfect video quality, and this is obtained using multiple light sources that are softened with filters and shades. Natural lighting is great, but it can easily be too bright and only provides one lighting source. If you do shoot outdoors, be sure to have shade to prevent glare and shine, and bring some extra lighting sources or reflectors to help spread the light around.

Learn some basic photography tips

Whether you know it or not, there are ways in which all humans view images that actually determine how we interpret them. If you place a person close to the camera and centered in the frame, people will often view that person as being bold, or commanding. If you place the same person far away from the camera and frame them far down in the corner, viewers will generally say that person is shy, timid or weak. If you don’t have a film-savvy director working your video, then make sure you do some research on basic blocking, frame styles, and shot techniques before finalizing your script.
Almost anyone can shoot an adequate marketing video if they do the proper research and incorporate the right professional elements. Your creative vision for your video is important, but without the proper techniques, your message will fall flat and your audience will be disinterested. Be professional in your lighting, audio, on-screen talent, and your directing to ensure that your video maintains high levels of share-ability.

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