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Tips to make your Facebook page shine

A Facebook page is created to target a huge audience of Facebook users for promoting an idea: it maybe an official business page, a fan page, or merely an interest page. A Facebook page not only helps businesses reach out to their customers effectively, it also helps you promote an idea or a field of interest. However, the key to any Facebook page’s success lies in how well it is maintained. Here are some tips to make your page shine:

Use a meaningful display Picture

Your page’s display picture is its primary identity. It’s attached to all posts generated from your page; therefore it will be present on the timelines of your page followers, on posts that you share, and the links to your page posted anywhere on the internet. Having a meaningful and self-explanatory display picture means that wherever on Facebook or the web your display picture is seen, it’ll portray what your page is all about; and we all know there is nothing like a lasting first impression.

Tips to make your Facebook page shine

Use a clear Cover Photo

With cover photos, Facebook introduced a radical change in page layout. Back in the day there was only a small thumbnail of your display picture on your page, which is now supplemented by a comparatively huge cover photo. Occupying a large chunk of your page, a cover photo can tell visitors a lot about your page if used correctly. Being public, it is accessible to even those users who haven’t yet followed your page but are merely visiting out of interest. If your cover photo provides both visual and written explanation of your page’s purpose, it can hike the interest of all page visitors.

Follow a posting strategy

Being interactive is the key to maintaining users’ interest in your page. If your page posts nothing for days on end, fans gradually begin losing interest and eventually unlike it; which isn’t something you’d want to happen. To make sure interest in your page stays constant, you should devise a posting strategy to follow each day. We recommend you post a picture or a link every day, which relates to or projects the purpose of your page. For instance, if you’re operating a tourism page, posting about a new holiday destination every day is a good idea. It’s even better if you use the Facebook status to discuss ideas and get opinions about them from your fans.

More fans make you look good

Regardless of the theme of your page, if it has fans, people take notice. More fans indicate that your page is of interest to Facebook users. Make sure you find ways to give your page popularity. Share links to your page on the timelines of other relevant ones. Also get your fans to share your page and its posts on their timelines. If all this seems like too much hassle, you could always buy FB fans. The key is to project your page to prospective fans as a popular one, so they can be encouraged to like it themselves.

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