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Meet the Load Cell: Why Modern Technology Can Take Your Business to the Next Level

With the speedy advancements in modern technology, small businesses are able to operate in ways that were impossible only a mere generation ago. Technology advancements allow better cost-management, communication, different sales methods and better productivity and time management. If you own or operate a business that requires taking precise product weights then be sure to investigate load cell systems or similar products—you will discover ways to cut down on costs and boost productivity.
How do they work?
A force is applied to the mechanical system in which the load cell has been imbedded that transfers the force to a strain gauge that is connected to a wheatstone bridge configuration—the electronic device the strain gauge utilizes to convert strain levels into electrical output. The output is sent to a display device that reveals the readings in common sense language.
Who uses them?
These devices are used in a wide variety of industries that range from shipping to construction. However, they are becoming increasingly popular in the automotive industry’s sector of mechanical operations. Mechanics and body shops are embracing these devices to aid in the following:
·      Suspension force measurement
·      Shock force measurement
·      Gasket force monitoring
·      Spring loads
·      Brake sensing and force management
·      Head bold force and preload
·      Motor mounts
Typically, calculating these measurements requires individual weighing techniques with various scales that take a tremendous amount of time and manpower to oversee. By using load cells and load pins, mechanics and body shop professionals can combine them with comprehensive force measurement systems to gauge accurate readings that will save on labor and time. Not only with the utilization of load cells make your workers more productive, you will be able to offer your service at lower costs by slashing labor hours.
How to market your innovative business
Let your customers know that you use instruments of modern technology like load cells to help minimize labor hours to save customers money. There are several ways you can market your newfound approach to modernizing your business to clients. Entrepreneur magazine published an article on how to generate revenue through the social media outlet Pinterest. The article convinces business owners by attesting to the fact that Pinterest has enjoyed explosive growth with total user visits to its website increasing to 48 million last December, up from 9 million the previous December. Also, in the same period, Pinterest’s staff grew from 20 to 100. According to the Wall Street Journal, Pinterest has raised $140 million in venture capital so far, and might seek more at a $2.5 billion valuation.
If you own an auto mechanic shop, start by taking creative photos of your load cell powered functions, and display them in a creative collage. Tag the photos describing how you are saving your clients money, and link your Pinterest to your website and Facebook business page. Using social media is a powerful, free way to market the new technology you are using in your business model.
By using load cell technology not only will you be investing in the financial growth and innovative platform of your business, you will be offering some assurance to your customers that you invest in technologies to save them money on their bills.

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