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4 QuickTime Tips: Create and Play Your Own Videos with Ease

QuickTime is a built-in media player with strong multimedia technology. It is bundled with OS X. Anyway, it can run on both Mac OS and Windows. No matter your videos are from digital cameras, mobile phones, Mac or PC, video sharing websites, QuickTime can help you easily manage them.
Here are some tips that show you to better use QuickTime as an excellent video editor.
1. Merge Movie Clips
“Merge” is a very commonly used function. If you like to shot short clips with your cameras or phones, you may have a need to merge the short video clips into a special single one. For example, to make a blessing video to a friend as birthday gift, you may need to join a lot of short video clips from different people who want to send their blessing via video. Or you may want to combine all camera clips shot during trips to create your own home video to share with your family.
All those can be achieved easily in QuickTime. To make it, you just need to directly drag and drop the clips to QuickTime window and then they will join together with the original one. In addition, you can also freely drag the clip around to get its proper position. Click Done to finish this.
Warm Tip: Before you import the clips to QuickTime, please make sure it is supported by QuickTime. QuickTime supports QuickTime MOV, MP4, DV-DIF, WAV, MPEG program stream. If you have clips that not supported by it, you can do proper conversion first. For example, suppose you get some Flash .swf files, you can first convert SWF to MOV using professional SWF to MOV Converter.
2. Trim Movie Clips
If you want to make the clip shorter, you can do trimming to it in QuickTime. In fact, when doing the merging, you can also do the trimming. You just need to click the Edit menu to find Trim and the thumbnails are shown at the bottom of the clip.
3. Sharing Movie Clips
If you can’t wait to share your made video, you can make this faster. The Share button is built in QuickTime, which allows you to quickly upload and share your video on your favorite social networks. This fast and simple way of sharing saves you from a lot of trouble.
4. Audio Trimming and Export
QuickTime enables you to do video’s audio level trimming. You can actually see the waveforms of a video’s audio which means you can clearly know which part is silent and which part sounds strong. You can do this head to Edit>Trim, and then go to View>Show Audio Track. If you just want to grab audio only, you can click the File>Export, and select Audio Only to make it.

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