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How Cloud Computing Has Changed The IT Support Landscape

Cloud computing has completely changed how we use computers in the modern day.

Every part of a successful company needs to evolve. Whatever business you’re in, each and every manager or CEO will know that if you don’t keep up, you’ll get left behind at the drop of a hat.

IT is one of the most competitive industries around, and equipment gets outdated fast. Having your hardware and software in tip top condition can mean you’re ready for the next big advancement, and you stay at the top of the food chain in this dog-eat-dog industry. But it’s catching hold of the next big thing that will help you succeed. Cloud computing is such an advancement; here’s how it has revolutionised the IT support landscape.

A Whole New World

Here’s a quick section to bring you up to speed on what cloud computing is all about. If you don’t know already, cloud IT solutions mean that you can get on with your job, while a professional team manage all the tech, servers, hardware and protection for you. The ‘cloud’ concept comes from the idea that all your data is up in a cloud instead of in giant server rooms and computer towers in your office. It does away with all the large, expensive and problematic hardware, wiring and tech, leaving you with all the good bits of your files and software.

The IT Company hosts all your storage data and much more, and all the maintenance, problem fixes and management that used to be done on site, is now a hassle-free job at the expert’s company base. You’re up and running, and taken care of around the clock with less cost, and fewer problems than ever before. Cloud computing is a win-win that you can’t miss out on.

Saving You

Cloud computing is transforming the way we think about IT support and our network and server system. Usually, you or a specialist will set up your server onsite after investing in the hardware, finding a whole room to put it in and enough plugs and wires to make it work. Then you’ll call the IT support service out to your office again when it crashes or something goes wrong and you lose the files.

This is the Way of the Past

How Cloud Computing Has Changed The IT Support Landscape

Cloud solutions cost you a fraction of the setup cost and time, and you get a dedicated team who maintain, advise and provide everything for you.

IT support on the cloud has fundamentally changed the way IT support works. While people used to be plagued by server crashes, losing files, infections from viruses and hordes of spam emails, cloud solutions mean that everything can be monitored, protected and backed up without you having to remember to click this, avoid that and clean up after your own mess. Cutting out the time of an onsite IT support worker making his way to you means your downtime and profits are at a bare minimum. Time and money are on your side, and you can even get live webcam support as well as telephone help as standard.

Beneficial for Business

IT support is no longer about capitalising on companies’ lack of knowledge or misfortune. It’s about problem prevention, and looking ahead instead of glaring at the problem and turning it off and on again. Cloud computing means you have the freedom to grow and expand. It’s an incredible investment and saves you time and money, meaning you operate in a successful and efficient business environment.

When cloud solutions help you succeed, they also allow plenty of growing room too! Hard drives, hardware, servers and equipment always needs to be replaced, and cloud computing means that your IT support can be upgraded and ready to go within the hour. If you need more disk space, simply make the call and your cloud will increase! Small businesses especially will feel the benefit of not having to pump potential profits into more expensive equipment, paying only a fraction of the cost with a cloud solution!


Gone are the days of lost hours, crashes and swarming computer viruses. We’re living in an age where technology is constantly improving the way we live and work. Cloud computing is changing the IT support landscape, and shaping it into something incredible. With more and more benefits being realised every day by companies around the world, cloud solutions might just revolutionise your business too. It’s time to make the right investment.

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