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Put Your Protection Software To Virenscanner Test

Put Your Protection Software To Virenscanner Test

If you are an internet enthusiast who looks for new information, or you are a business person who conducts the transaction online, you need to install an efficient antivirus. Such software must be capable to detect and remove all types of malware from your computer to protect you and to save the PC from crashing every now and then. Virenscanner test allows for selecting an antivirus that works well on your computer system and operating system.

In case you are always busy on social networking sites, installing antivirus after virenscanner test becomes all the more important. This is because even the reputed social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter can not claim to have a foolproof system to deal with viruses attacking their sites. So, your account information, business details, personal and business information is not fully secure alone by these sites. Hence, you must install antivirus that especially is designed to eliminate malware attacking these sites.

Click jaking, which involves account hijacking of the users by sending malicious codes to the computer and phising are two of the most dreaded applications that computer users fear from the hackers. Is your security software offering you enough protection against these attacks? There are new applications that can track your movements on Facebook page. So, here we feel the importance of virenscanner test to find out antivirus that comes true on your specific security requirements.

Then, which are the best antivirus programs? We can say that the best one is that stands to virenscanner test conducted by the professionals. If you do not find the professionals, then you can also apply tests on the antivirus. A test of the program will be to let it be installed on your computer system for a month of so. Then, note its performance. Note how many times your computer crashed due to virus attack. Note how your computer and its operating system are behaving after installation of the antivirus.

There is no need for you to instantly purchase antivirus. First, you can download a free trial version of antivirus from leading brands. Put it to virenscanner test many times throughout the trial period. Test other brands of antivirus for the ability to detect malwares and also for their capability of removing the threat and how they deal with your system for protection purpose. Once you have tested most of the newly launched antivirus by installing their free trial features, you can settle for purchasing the one that is most satisfying to you.

It is always a good advice to read lots of reviews about antivirus selection. Internet is full of such reviews that provide lots of update information about efficiency and shortcomings of a software piece including antivirus brands. However, read the reviews that genuine software enthusiasts have written solely to part with the knowledge and the test results. Such professional put new antivirus brands to virenscanner test and let the results be known to the people for education purpose. You will be scanning many sites before finding out genuinely written reviews. Most of the reviews we see are part of affiliate programs with the aim of earning commission from the manufacturers.  Such reviews are meant for promotional purposes only and keep away from them.

You should also know that not all the antivirus work well for all the operating systems. In fact, the manufacturers tell a lot about the effectiveness of the antivirus for particular operating systems. Get this information on the level of the antivirus product. So, do not buy any antivirus that you first lay your hands on for protection. To get more information about specific features of the software product is also a virenscanner test. Make it certain that you know about the resources that the antivirus will be consuming from your computer. You should be having enough memory in your computer to handle some antivirus programs.

Meanwhile, even if you have installed antivirus after virenscanner test here are some tips to protect your pc while you are on the social networking sites. First, do not accept friend request unless and until you are sure of knowing the person. You should not at all click on the offers or links that look impressive and too good to believe. In case your account has been used for spam purpose or it is hacked, you should promptly change your password. Additionally, you must report any strange looking notification, application or emails to the social site administration. Make sure that you do not use the same password for social networking and emails.

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