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WordPress Hosting: Choosing The Right CMS

Making the right content management system (CMS) choice for your business hinges on one important component: traffic. Since different CMS plans are designed to handle different volumes of traffic, it’s important to estimate your average amount of traffic and plan for even more when narrowing down a choice. Choose a system that can handle both current and anticipated volumes. It won’t be fun to implement an upgrade only months after your site goes live.

Learning the WordPress facts

WordPress is an extremely flexible CMS with thousands of plugins available to help customize almost any application. It’s user-friendly, customizable and maintainable. It supports most websites by providing the necessary bandwidth and is one of the most popular CMS choices. Configuring WordPress for a high-traffic site requires customization to ensure the site is ready to deal with anticipated volume.

Many plugins can help optimize the configurability of WordPress. These include Gravity Forms Manager, a drag-and-drop builder providing user-driven content and a complete API. W3 Total Cache for caching and performance optimization is essential for high-volume sites. Because WordPress stores all its content in a MySQL database, a high-traffic website can support data loading by many simultaneous users, and W3 Total Cache can prevent server crashes and provide site optimization.

Most web hosting plans offer WordPress. Although it’s one of the most widely used, many more are commercially available. Businesses all have different needs, due to their products, services and size, yet a hosted WordPress plan is ideal for most.

Defining your Site’s Functionality is the First Step

One of the most important goals of your design is to attract traffic to your site. When you use WordPress, you’ll be positioned to be noticed by the most popular and powerful search engine, Google. Sites using the WordPress platform typically rank better in search results because the platform is search engine-friendly and lets you easily update your site content regularly. Search engines also like to see fresh site content. With WordPress, generating inbound links and track-backs is easy, while page rank and traffic are improved. Easy-to-develop and highly navigable sites that have higher SEO rankings are generally a good idea.

Website customization helps a site look more appealing and achieve a special brand. Adding images, slide shows and embedded video will bring a site to life and increase the likelihood that its content will be shared. WordPress supports these actions and also offers JQuery, Googlemaps and Scribd.

Site Design Considerations should include ease of Conversion and Navigation

Converting to a CMS system from HTML or PHP may require some programming, but when you convert to WordPress it’s easy to accomplish, even if you aren’t a developer. Plugins and utilities for SEO support, content management and site objects such as images, videos and products are well cataloged and available to you in an understandable, straightforward way. Built-in WordPress navigation includes pages, categories, archives, meta and links that are designed to be navigable both for users and for management. It’s no accident why WordPress has achieved a massive amount of popularity and can be a perfect strategy for your business’s CMS needs.

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