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Would Dedicated Server Hosting Benefit Your Business In Terms Of Social Media Activity?

Would Dedicated Server Hosting Benefit Your Business In Terms Of Social Media Activity?
When it comes to establishing a strong internet presence, your social media strategy is very important. Social media is the one of the best ways to truly engage with your audience which will not only build strong brand loyalty, but can also help to improve your conversion rate. A good social media strategy should include not only the top social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn but also blogging and other ways of reaching out to your target audience including infographics and video content.
If you are going to achieve all of this, then you are also going to need fast and reliable web hosting. The best way to ensure this is to choose dedicated server hosting. This means that the server you use is only used by your business rather than being shared with others which can put a drain on the available resources. There are a great number of benefits associated with dedicated server hosting which could have a positive impact on your social media strategy.

Give Your Blogging A Speed Boost

One of the best ways of using social media  to engage with your audience is through. When you blog regularly you will be able to build a regular audience and create a connection with them, and you will be adding fresh, relevant content to your website which will improve your page rankings. Blog posts can then be shared across all of your social networking sites to create further engagement. So how can  dedicated server hosting make a difference here?
One of the best benefits that comes with a dedicated server is that the loading speed of your website will increase. When you are using a shared server for your web hosting, you have to share the resources with several other businesses/websites. This can slow your site down which will have a negative impact on your online presence. If your blog is not loading quickly, or if interactive features of your site do not work due to slow loading then visitors will be put off and will not hang around which could mean you lose viable leads.
For example, if you are using javascript to operate a form to collect customer inquiry data, if the form fails to load because the shared server you are using many of your leads will simply navigate away from your page instead of struggling to refresh over and over again until they can access the page. If you were to use a dedicated server to host this javasript, then this situation can be avoided as there will be nobody else using your bandwidth and/or speed you will find that there is a marked increase not only in loading time, but also in reliability and  which means that your blog will be very user friendly. It also means that when links you are sharing on social networking sites are clicked, they should load very quickly.

Taking Control Of Your Server

When switching to a dedicated server, one of the other benefits is that you will have a greater level of control. With shared server hosting you will only ever have limited access so that there is no chance of you interfering with those sharing the server, but with a dedicated server you will take advantage of reliable server hosting and you will be able to exert more control over things like hardware and scripts. This gives you the freedom to do so much more. For example, you might develop apps or maybe even set up your own niche social network!

Enjoy Better Security

The benefits of dedicated server hosting are not only related to your social media strategy. In fact, those benefits mentioned apply to all of your business’ online activity. Another benefit is that you will see a better level of security with a dedicated server. Again, because resources are exclusive rather than shared there is no risk of other clients transferring viruses or malware to the server. You can address your own security needs without worrying that someone else is going to undermine it.
There are a number of ways in which switching to dedicated server hosting can benefit your social media strategy, but it is also a great overall decision. There are many aspects of your business which will be positively affected by choosing dedicated server hosting including everything from increased reliability to better security.
Correy Weimer writes for, a web hosting provider offering dedicated server hosting and other hosting services. Correy is interested in the benefits that can be obtained from using dedicated hosting in a variety of situations.

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