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Smartphone By Samsung All Set To Pave Your Ways

The smartphone industry is set to be on flame since years now and without a doubt, it is. It is an amazing industry where there are 100s of companies and all manage to sell their devices in pretty good figures. But, just like every other industry, this too have some leaders. When we talk about smartphone giants, the first two companies that come to our minds are Apple and Samsung. These two have shown the world that smartphone, as the name suggests should be smarter than the people who own them. These two companies are very different from each other but carry the common motive of creating something amazing. Speaking of, Samsung has recently given some hints on their next flagship model, the S7.

Smartphone By Samsung All Set To Pave Your Ways

This year, Samsung launched their S6 model in two different variants, S6 and S6 EDGE, which showed the world that Samsung can make Apple a run for their money. The S6 model showcased various technological advancements like improvement in touch id, their new metallic design, powerful processor, but the S6 EDGE has something more to offer to their users. Some technological heads also considered their EDGE design as the peek into the future. The screen had an edge on its right corner, which had a different set of settings items for users to operate. These models were considered as the best smartphone of all times, untill now.

The Next Generation Features: Galaxy S7

Samsung now has the next generation of their S series and it’s called, the Galaxy S7. Samsung themselves admit that it was a really hard job for them to create the next generation of a device which was already an amazing piece of art. But, amazingly, they have and they will reveal it to the world in December, 2015. The sales of the S7 are expected to start from the first month of next year. Samsung is very peculiar about their newest creations of chipsets and that is why the company has patented most of them under their name and one example of it is LDDR4 6GB RAM which will be used in the S7. That is simply outstanding as it will give it speeds like never before. This is said to be a job done in terms of speed. An OCTA-CORE SNAPDRAGON 3GHZ PROCESSOR is said to be receiving the speed off that 6GB RAM. Another big advancement is on their camera. Your girlfriend might say that your current device doesn’t have a good front camera, but soon, that will be a past. Samsung has fitted a 20 MP camera which can be used as rear as well as front camera by just rotating the knob. In the world, there are two major problems right now, first is global warming and the next, low battery. Well, Samsung has fitted a battery charging technology that is not only fast but also highly efficient. This will allow you to shoot up your battery to 50% in just 15 minutes like HTC One m10.

All we can say for now is to wait till Samsung officially announces it as their might be more surprises lined up for us.

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