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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Would Come With Extended Features

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Would Come With Extended Features

Samsung Galaxy Note series is no doubt a verdict among all the phablets series from different manufacturers in the present Android phablet market, but the story won’t end here as Samsung promises to bring us all new Samsung Galaxy Note 5 in the market very soon.

The set of features that previous devices from the Samsung Galaxy Note series had served are nothing if we compare to the set of features of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 that have been revealed or rumoured so far. The story of course starts from a better and faster performance processor, could be the 16-core (for the first time in the industry) and 4GB RAM. Also, the next generation display would be taking the level of Note 5 to optimum level.

The previously present multi-window and multi-window features in the past devices like Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge are, enough optimized. For accessing them, the first is to pass through multitasking and click on the icon on the tile to the application of your choice, on the right. There, the Edge Rating will automatically display on the top of the screen and it will do more than you select another application in the bottom part to open it. Fantastic but careful not to rejoice too quickly because, this view is, not compatible with all tools. The second method is not very complicated either. Simply display a compatible application and then drag your finger from the top left corner to the inside of the screen. The tool will then be displayed in a flying window that you can resize to your liking. In both cases it will be possible to display a small toolbar by pressing a button gray ball making office. There, we can reduce the associated window or even open it fullscreen. If you often juggle the same programs, you should enjoy. However, in the next Samsung Galaxy Note 5 or Note 5 Edge things are going to be simpler, as Samsung is working on the new interface that would extend the functionality of the device.

If you remember, the super energy saving mode, it appeared with the Galaxy S5 and it is not done in lace since it will allow you to easily go a week on a single charge. Crazy right? Yes, but be careful not to mistake because it does not give you access to all functions of your phone. For starters, it is to ignore the colors and then the entire interface will switch to Fifty Shades of Grey (sorry) with a definition of QHD far, inevitably. Then, well, it will give you access to six applications: the phone, the messages, the web browser and three other user-defined applications. All tools available on the Play Store are not supported, but you can perfectly pick the side of Twitter, Facebook or Whatsapp if you feel like it. Contrary to what the competition offers, Edge Rating energy saving will therefore not take your world and this is rather good news in the end. And now imagine, if in this mode you can access most of the apps in your next Samsung Galaxy Note 5, would not it be great?

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