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Linked2Pay Launches It's Own Mobile App for Credit Card Payments

There are a number of mobile swipe apps on the market, so you may question which app is best for your business or non-profit. While may companies go on and on about their features, one area they don’t discuss as often is the price to cover each transaction. Linked2pay’s mobile swipe app is different in that it boasts about having lower fees. But, what else can you expect from the app and why do you need it?

What Is the Linked2pay App?

The linked2pay app states that businesses and non-profits can get the lowest rates possible while accepting credit card and e-check (ACH) payments from anywhere. The app is also easy to use, which makes it a perfect app for those that don’t spend a lot of time working with technology. Some of the features included in the app are the ability to secure lower transaction rates for ACH payments, send customers receipts immediately, and generate reports that are delivered to your inbox.

Who Can Use It?

Any business or non-profit can use the app to make accepting payments and donations simple and more cost effective. For example, a non-profit animal shelter could hold an event to raise money for the shelter and easily accept credit card payments from those that don’t carry cash. In other words, it makes it possible for businesses and non-profits to accept payments and donations from anywhere at anytime.

Why Would You Need It?

According to the CEO of transmodus,the company behind linked2pay, “The addition of a mobile app within linked2pay that includes credit card and ACH offers our client base a new level of freedom and is a perfect fit with the full selection of linked2pay payment options. Built on our own ACH platform, we expect to lead in the area of enabling businesses to accept ACH payments, along with credit card, anywhere and with ease.” In other words, businesses and non-profits that want to do business away from their central location can greatly benefit from this app. Whether you want to take donations on the fly or setup a secondary shop at the local flea market, this app can give you the ability to accept a wide range of payments.
Is linked2pay’s app any better than other mobile swipe apps on the market? That’s hard to say and you’ll have to find out more about Moblized, PayPal, and other offers and make your own comparisons. However, being able to get the lowest transaction fees will make more money for your business or non-profit organization. Before choosing one of the many apps available, take the time to do your homework and see which app has the best benefits for your company.

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