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Dedicated Servers Vs. VPS: 6 reasons to make the decision Smart

When it comes time to choose a right hosting solution for your project, several options are available. Dedicated Servers and VPS are two of the most common solutions.

Differences between VPS and Dedicated Servers

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. It is a term used to refer to a virtual machine running in software on the same physical computer as other customers’ virtual machines. A VPS behaves like a separate physical computer dedicated to individual customer needs, providing the privacy of a separate physical computer, and can be configured to run the server software. However, a VPS is not a dedicated server. The main difference lies in the fact that on a dedicated server you have full access to server resources.
Hybrid servers and WebNet Hosting Servers are servers that provide both full power of a dedicated server and flexibility of cloud computing. They use the Smart Layer; layer-based Xen virtualization provides many powerful administrative options while you enjoy full use of the dedicated server hardware.

6 Reasons to opt for the Smart

Here are 6 reasons why you should opt for a Smart Server instead of a VPS:

1. Increased safety

While virtualization platform has been hardened hypervisor level, the solutions are not all equal in terms of safety. Virtualization platforms are still environments you have to share with many other customers, sometimes with thousands of them. Only a dedicated server you have the assurance that your data is completely separate from the others.

2. Evidence on Performance

One of the problems that can arise with VPS servers is inconsistency in performance. For example, if you take as a benchmark the performance of a VPS solution at different times of day and under the same traffic conditions, you will get different results. Some service providers allow you to exceed the limit of CPU allocated, but no one can guarantee that this additional allocation of CPU available when truly needed. With a dedicated server, you have guaranteed access to 100% of CPU resources.

3. More Custom Options

Generally, the VPS provides fixed configurations, pre-packaged, no upgrade options. Instead, Smart Servers offer more flexibility, allowing you to increase the RAM at the time you upgrade your server (CPU and disk space) without having to reinstall the whole system, thanks to our simple migration option.

4. Original Hardware Parts

A VPS configuration does not indicate the actual hardware has been constructed. With Smart Servers dedicated you are assured that each server has been built with original hardware parts: Intel CPU, Western Digital drives and RAM of the major brands (Kingston, Corsair Crucial, (depending on availability) and plates Super Micro mother).

5. Easy to Use

Smart Servers are given with a custom Control Center. It is a graphical user interface (GUI) that only gives you more control of the server hardware and network configurations. Smart Servers also provide access to a virtual console that lets you manage your server as if you were in our data center and perform remote reboot, if needed. Smart Servers can be configured to use cPanel control panel and WHM R1Soft backup software that will provide greater flexibility and security for your data.

6. Price vs. Value

Cost is always an important factor when it comes to choosing a hosting solution, however, the value is even more so. In fact, if we consider well, there is no significant difference between the prices of a VPS & Dedicated Server most available on the market. There is however a significant difference lies in the value we deliver, considering the flexibility and functionality that offers you a Smart Server.
Before choosing a VPS to host your next project, take a look at our Dedicated Servers.

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