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Dedicated Hosting Server, Make Your Choice Wisely

Having an online presence for a business has become more and more important in this era, as the people, now, unlike decades back, prefer spending more than half of their time online. They work online, shop online, play online and what not. As businesses have realized the importance of a fully functional website, the next step is to find a good hosting server. Dedicated hosting is usually the preferred choice of big businesses for its obvious benefits. While individuals or budding companies shy away from dedicated server, there are many who choose it as they want total control.Please  Check out  Dedicated Hosting Reviews  for getting to know a bit more about dedicated hosting.

What is Dedicated Hosting?

Basically, in dedicated hosting your website runs on a single server allowing you to use all the resources it has, and unlike shared hosting you do not have to share space with other websites. Now this means, you are not going to put up with downtimes which webmasters often have to encounter in shared hosting. Plus, downtimes get frequent when one of the sites on shared hosting starts leveraging more traffic; it consequently robs off other website’s quality uptime.

Dedicated Hosting Server, Make Your Choice Wisely

Dedicated hosting is further categorized into two types; managed and unmanaged dedicated hosting. So, in case you’re going for it, you’d better know a little about it. Managed dedicated hosting is a type of hosting where your website is being run on a dedicated server but all maintenance tasks and management are done by the host, leaving little to no work for you. You’re saved of hiring administrators and extra costs. On the other hand, unmanaged dedicated hosting as the name implies, does not perform management tasks for you. You have to do it yourself or hire someone to do it for you.


1. The first and foremost advantage is the reliability it offers. As your site is being run on a server which is completely at your disposal, you don’t have to face downtimes because of other websites. So, in short, dedicated hosting offers speed.

2. The server manages your site efficiently even it receives heavy traffic.

3. The level of security you get in dedicated hosting is something you won’t get anywhere else. Having a secured server is important, particularly, if you have an e-commerce site. The sensitive personal data that clients enter on your site will remain safe and secure on your server.

4. You enjoy more control as you get options to grow your business; you can open many other sites on that server and can even select an operating system of your choice.

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Tips To Find a good Dedicated Server

Browse a little, read reviews, check customers’ rating of various dedicated service providers and then shortlist a few. Compare and contrast what they offer. You need to get an uptime guarantee of 99.9% with options to upgrade the package when the need arises. A good host should offer brilliant round the clock tech support. You can find a number of dedicated hosting service providers, so make your choice wisely.

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