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3 Benefits of Green Hosting: The Latest Trend in Website Hosting

Website Hosting

Green hosting is a relatively new trend in web hosting that has rapidly gained popularity among web hosting companies. Numerous traditional web hosting companies have either switched to or added green web hosting in their hosting services. For more information on green web hosting and its likely future, please refer to  Green Hosting Reviews. Here we will look at how green hosting works and the reasons it has gained so much popularity among webmasters and hosting companies.

How Does It Work?

Involving the usage of green technologies and renewable resources to generate energy, green hosting is all about reducing negative environmental effects by lessening CO2 emissions in the atmosphere. A green web hosting company utilizes renewable energy sources – e.g. sun, wind and water, using wind turbines or solar panels etc. – to generate electricity, which is then used to power the grids and run equipment. In order to do this, web hosting providers purchase Renewable Energy Certificates or RECs. These certificates are issued by companies that generate electricity from renewable and ‘green’ sources. This way, a company advertises that it is relying on renewable sources to generate power.

3 Benefits of Green Hosting The Latest Trend in Website Hosting

Other than purchasing REC credits, the hosting company may also choose to generate its own power using green resources, such as by putting solar panels or wind turbines in place. This strategy is usually beneficial in the long-run and results in cost-savings for the company.

Benefits of Green Hosting


The biggest benefit of using a green hosting plan is its positive impact on the environment. Being environmentally friendly, it minimizes the damaging effects of web hosting on the environment by reducing heat from the servers and other harmful emissions. Green web hosting plans reduce carbon emissions in the atmosphere, thus causing minimal damage and pollution to the environment.

Low Costs

Green hosting is usually much cheaper than standard web hosting plans. Using a green web hosting service, you only have to pay the server usage costs. Electricity is generated using sources such as wind and solar power, which saves a lot of money, as these resources are renewable and unlimited. As a result, these lower costs are transferred to customers in the form of cheaper hosting packages. Traditional servers, on the other hand, consume a considerable amount of energy and emit a lot of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, thus making them costly to maintain.

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Effective Marketing Tool

With all the rage of companies ‘going green’ these days, green web hosting can be used as an extremely effective marketing tool, resulting in higher sales and profits. There is an increasing trend among consumers towards consuming eco-friendly products, and customers are increasingly buying from companies that engage in environment-friendly practices. Thus, web hosting using ‘green’ sources is an ideal tool to attract environmentally-conscious customers and portray a positive image of your business to the society. Once customers get to know that you are relying on renewable sources and minimizing environmental damage, they are more likely to remain loyal to your business and refer it to their colleagues or associates, thus generating positive word-of-mouth.

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