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Advantages and Disadvantages of Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Front

Samsung was one of those brands, which were conservative in terms of design and structure, but now Samsung is ready to change the game. The launch of Galaxy Alpha series and Note Edge series is just the beginning.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Front

The design of Galaxy Note Edge is different from any of the smartphone present in the market and soon we would see the design replica. Let’s see who would be first after Samsung. And regarding the response of this gadget, it is doing great but the price is issue. Samsung need to bring something similar at lower price then more people will accept it.

In the Software front Galaxy Note Edge is very similar to the Galaxy Note 4 in everything except the side of the screen. Phablet runs on a version of Android 4.4.4 with the interface TouchWiz, there is the famous application S Pen. 805 Snapdragon processor handles tasks in Galaxy Note 4 without any problems, although in the case of Galaxy Note Edge it is less convincing. If at the same time be used to derive information on the main display panel and Edge, from time to time there are “freezes”. Since the technical reasons for this reason, most likely program.

160 pixels allocated for the side display, not always accurately separated, and sometimes the panel “zooms in” on the main display. As a result, information is applied, not all buttons are available. But the performance is sufficient. Except for the error performance Galaxy Note Edge is on par with the Galaxy Note 4. As for the “slowdown” that Samsung probably will solve this problem in future updates.

Changing the size of the body and is associated with a decrease in battery capacity. Compared with the Galaxy Note 4 (3.220 mAh) smartphone Galaxy Note Edge (3.000 mAh) lost nearly 7 percent capacity, which affected the battery life. There is a drop 12 percent in the battery life. The reason for this decrease in capacity and an increase in the number of pixels as well as additional control logic of the second display. In everyday scenarios Phablet showed the same running time, that of the Note 4, it got two days on a single charge of the battery. Activating night mode reduced battery life of about 2 hours.

As usual, the battery life in an ultra-eco mode is substantially increased, although it will have to pay for the drop functionality. In addition, the technology is available high-speed charging, which allows you to charge the battery for half an hour to the level of 50 per cent – if you use a complete charge, of course.

Technical platform of Note Edge for the camera is similar to the Galaxy Note 4, so that you get quite convincing rear camera. It provides a resolution of 16 MP and an optical image stabilizer; video camera records in resolving UHD. Camera app has changed, if we exclude the transfer of controls on the side of the display, the photo quality very good.

The good performance and the better design are enough to make the verdict and yes soon we would see the next version device in the similar series but at present there is no information available for the Galaxy Note Edge 2 release date.

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