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5 Businesses That Cannot Run Without Technology

Sounds antiquated a concept right?? I mean how many businesses are you likely to come across nowadays that do not make use of technology. And in either case, from the business side even if you do the basics of your SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) then a business standing without the very basic precepts of your technology is not expected to last long or run smoothly. Some of the businesses I will mention here cannot even last without the latest kinds.


Fine dining right? Sounds ridiculous? You would be surprised. Imagine being a restaurant which can serve around hundred people at a time (capacity wise) but gets reservations way above the capacity. How do you optimize the timings of each reservation or better yet how do you track each home order being placed? We have so many online reservation programs running rampant nowadays and none of these businesses can really run without a good computerized customer service system running behind it.

A few outlets even invest in the CRMs of names like SAP to help optimize the Ordering and Serving processes which help the businesses themselves as they compete in this stream.


You have probably become familiar with the idea of copter drones with cameras fitted upon them to make news accessible and more comprehensive to you all. Regardless of the ethical debates surrounding the topic, the technology has become ingrained within the dialogue of media and now even the third world media is investing in these ventures.


The cruise business is one which goes hand in hand with every technological advance. You have the ship itself which needs to run optimally, smoothly and without any sudden hiccups. Then you have the interior part of the ship to look to. So there is the entertainment aspect, the rooms and the kitchens to man. All of these cannot and probably will not run very well with an old system, a worn down engine or a non-functioning dashboard.

Even with the theatrics of Titanic, we at least now do understand why machinery at sea needs to be top notch .

Music Industry

Another no brainer right? With the amount of quality expected with FLAC and 320 kbps releases it is almost impossible to separate investment of equipment with a good record label. Sound quality has progressed into being digital but a good medium is still required; hence your studios now focus on adding the aesthetic ambience as well. All of this is possible with a variety of material mixing and some quality recording equipment made available for your everyday usage.


Im not sure how many people agree with adding banking as a business but in all honesty how many banks can you name who are not trying to move by having an ERP installed in their working processes. Multiple branches, thousands of customers with even more tracts of data. Forget paper records even your olden computers with XP will not do anymore keep all of this data. So can you really separate technology and banking?

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