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Understanding The Artistic Technique Of Hair Extension

Understanding The Artistic Technique Of Hair Extension

Ever wondered whats the secret behind celebrities like Lindsay Lohan,Victoria Beckham, Miley Cyrus etc, surprising the world by their new and unique hairstyles every now and then? Be it the changing color, style or even the length of the hair; everything in over a couple of days, seems interestingly peculiar, doesn’t it ?

Well, here is the spoiler ! Its the process of hair extension along with some touch ups done by professional hair stylists because of which the celebrities appear cool with their savvy looks.

Understanding The Artistic Technique Of Hair Extension

Achieve the look that you always seeked for !

Many a times there is lack of a certain element that ends up hiding the true essence of what we want to reveal through our physical selves. Sometimes wavy curls is not what you seek , but you ain’t having any other option but to deal with them by yourself. Similarly, at times short hair ruins many of the plans that you had in regards to your hair.

Hence the popularity of hair extensions! Girls around the globe are now aware of the fact that with the help of hair extensions, they can change their hair styles as often as they want to. If you are a fashion freak and making a style statement wherever you go is your thing, then you might as well look forward to hair extension and see some more positive results with that.

A brief into the basics of Hair Extensions

“Why should celebs and strippers have all the fun” laughs Jackie Saril of Squeakywheel Promotions when asked about hair extensions.

The introduction of hair extensions has lead to a revolution in the field of styling and fashion.

Some Facts About Hair Extensions

  • Extensions don’t just add on to the hair’s length! You can decide to include certain volume of hair instead , which is ideal for fine, limp or thin hair.

  • Transform your hair into long and shiny curls and then flaunt its beauty !
    In case your current hair is as short as 3 inches in length, you can get extensions, despite the fact that the degree of the extension process may be restricted if your hair is short.

  • Extensions can be braided in, stuck in, woven in, or – if you require a follicular support in some case – clipped in.

  • You can likewise include highlights – with shades running from light colors to dark – to your hair by making use of hair extensions.

  • Generally, the procedure isn’t difficult, so it shouldn’t hurt a bit


What is the Basic Cost of Hair Extensions ?

>The bitter truth: Hair extensions aren’t cheap. Depending upon how many you get , how you get them fixed with your hair and the sort of hair you use, the expense can run from the hundreds to even near about thousand dollars – and that is excluding after care each six to eight weeks.

The expert who will apply your extensions may be known as a hair designer, an extensionist, or commonly a beautician. Regardless of what title he or she uses, make sure they are experienced – and have photographs to demonstrate it. Likewise verify the way they can be uprooted, and how harm to your common hair will be minimized during the uprooting process.There have been cases among celebrities as well such as Kate Beckinsale and Victoria Beckham regarding issues with bare spots after their extensions were taken out.

So next time you choose to flaunt a new hair style, you might as well consider opting for hair extensions.

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