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8 Tips For Better Eyelash Retention

One of the latest beauty procedures that’s really hot right now is having lash extensions in Victoria BC done to fill out and compliment what mother nature or genetics failed to give us. Thick, longer lashes allow us to get up and go without the need to fuss with makeup. Aestheticians often exchange ideas and tips through facebook groups or blogs, below are some useful tips that will result in better retention so by all means pass them along to your clients.

 8 Tips For Better Eyelash Retention

  • Humidity – the lash glues used perform optimally in humidity that ranges between 40 to 60%. A good investment is a hydrometer to monitor the lash room humidity for best results. Hydrometers are relatively inexpensive and a must for your business.
  • Dehumidifier – too much moisture in your salon is not good and needs to be constantly regulated with a dehumidifier.
  • Temperature – the glue used to apply lash extensions requires a room temperature between 72 to 77 degrees F.
  • Glue – the components that make up the glue are prone to separate so remember to shake the glue thoroughly before each use. It takes about 30 to 60 seconds to remix adequately.
  • Clean lashes – before applying the lashes clean the natural lashes, removal of natural oils and debris should be done using a primer meant for this purpose. Primers are available that can be used on natural lashes and extension bonds.
  • Other chemicals – depending where you apply your lash extensions, for example in a hair salon, hair color and/or bleach can cause the glue to crystalize within a few minutes. Or the glue could be affected during the procedure and the glue might dry too quickly.
  • After care – remember to send your clients home with good aftercare information. Taking time to educate them and stressing that good aftercare will result in maximum lash retention, a bonus for them.
  • Keep lashes clean between refills – in the past eyelash techs were told that water should be avoided after a lash extension procedure.It was previously thought that exposure to water too soon would mess with lash retention, however the latest news has shown that water does not affect it in any way.

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