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Fun With Diamonds This Season


Jewellery shopping is always fun. The anticipation, excitement, selection and the final purchase—the entire process makes your heart race and your cheeks flush with happiness. This is the side of retail therapy we all adore and enjoy.   

Diamonds are not just a woman’s best friend, but in reality diamond jewellery wins the hearts of all who lay their eyes on it. After all, what is not to love? Diamonds are beautiful, glamorous, bold and magnificent to look at, and have great character as well. This is the reason why we have dedicated today’s conversation entirely to diamonds. And one of the best jewellery designers who come up with brilliant and exquisite jewellery designs every fortnight is Hazoorilal Legacy.

Here are some of their fabulous designs:


  • Shades of Sapphire


Shades of Sapphire

This piece has layers of sapphires, put together with fancy shaped Marquise diamonds. The blue colour goes beautifully with the diamonds, bringing out their elegance and lustre. This piece is set in 18k white gold, and the best part is that this necklace also comes with a matching pair of earrings. Perfect for fusion events, it can be worn with both semi-Indian and Western outfits.


  • An Earful of Elegance


This pair is one of our personal favourites. With a bold design and an exquisite structure, this pair of ear cuffs is set in 18k gold. It comprises fancy shaped Marquise cut and round brilliant cut diamonds, adding to the glory of the piece. The design is both contemporary and versatile, and these ear cuffs can be worn at almost all types of events.

  • A Basket of Colours


Diamonds are not often combined with colorful gemstones, and that is what makes this piece so very special. It is a signature masterpiece crafted in 18k white gold. Additionally, it is embedded with 102.35 carats round, Marquise and pear-cut diamonds. This range of diamonds adds to the depth and variety in the piece. It also consists of 20.040 carat rubies, lending it that beautiful colour.


  • Royalty Personified


This jewellery piece is the epitome of magnificence and beauty. It is grand, elegant and can be worn with a beautiful gown or even a lehenga. The perfect amalgamation of grandeur and modernity, it is ideal for the trends today. Set in 18k gold, it is specifically designed to fit the contours of the neck. The piece is studded with fancy shaped Marquise cut, round brilliant cut diamonds, along with Zambian emeralds of around 3.00 carats.


  • Gold and Diamonds


It is not often that we see such an exquisite collection of yellow gold and diamonds together. This choker, set in 18k yellow gold, is crafted in the popular net design. The floral design is highlighted in this piece, and it is adorned with precious stones like rubies, emeralds, old-cut flat diamonds, sapphires, and fancy shaped Baguette diamonds. This wide range of precious stones makes this piece beautiful and unique at the same time. As this is a heavy piece and is a choker, it is best to wear it in isolation. Too much accessorizing along with this necklace can lead to overcrowding and hence, ruin its effect. Hence, when you wear this, make sure you accompany it with a simple pair of studs and nothing else.


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