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Move Your Clothes Safety and Efficiently

Move Your Clothes Safety and Efficiently

Your moving day is coming up and you haven’t quite figured out how to move your clothes. Packing dishes and other fragile items was a challenge, but how will you transfer your wardrobe from one location to the next? That’s easy and you will do it without worrying that something will get lost or damaged in transit if you follow these directions.

Move Your Clothes Safety and Efficiently

1. From Hangars to a Plastic Bag

One of the easiest ways to move clothes is simply to buy the largest and tallest plastic bags on the market. Then, you can group hangared clothes together before dropping them in the bag. Secure the bag at the top with the hangar hooks exposed. You will then bring these clothes in your car by laying them on a back seat or in the storage area. Or, you can secure a bar from side pillar to side pillar and hang your clothes inside your car.

2. Separate your unmentionables

Some of the more delicate items to move are your so-called unmentionables — underwear, including negligees and other soft and fragile clothing. Here, you will want to box these separately with enough padding to surround them. Fill in the holes with your socks and you will have a secure package to show for it explains the Allied Moving Company.

3. Mind your Sweaters

You have paid a lot of money for your sweaters, including a cashmere you purchased from Nieman Marcus as well as the ugly Christmas sweater you’d just as soon lose, but know your mother will be asking about come the next holiday season. Sweaters can be some of the most difficult items to move, but they can be moved if you fold and place each one in a separate bag and then place each bag in an appropriately-sized box. Ensure that you have enough packing material to keep everything in its place.

4. Leave your Clothes in the Drawers

Most of your clothing can stay exactly where they can be found — in the drawers. If your dresser is in solid condition and able to withstand a move, then leaving your clothing in each drawer is wise. Here, you will want to lock each draw if a key is provided, otherwise you need to securely tape the drawers shut. Furthermore, you can run packing tape from the middle of the top to the bottom and across the face of each drawer. Use enough tape to secure the drawers shut. Yes, make sure you take out the clothes you will need before you make your move!

5. Assemble Clothes for the Trip

Your journey from one home to the next may not be a long one. However, if you are moving regionally, your moving truck may make several stops before arriving at your home. It is important that you have enough clothes with you while you await the arrival of the moving van. Keep in mind that if you are moving to a different climate that the clothes you have with you are appropriate for the local weather conditions.

Making Your Move

You might also want to go through your clothes before you move to reduce your inventory especially if you have items you will no longer need. Sell these items at a garage sale or contact your local charity to gauge whether your excess clothes would be accepted for donation. By all means purge as mush stuff as you do not need.

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