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Top 4 Criteria For Choosing The Best Infra-Red Tube Heater Product

Tube heaters are a cost effective yet effective device for hard to heat spaces such as car washes, garages, manufacturing plants, and farm buildings. There is an array of advantages for preferring tube heaters over other types of heaters: high return on investment saves energy and easy maintenance. Here we’ve rounded top four criteria for choosing a brand of infra-red tube heater:

Reflecting design

A wide range of tube heaters online, typically utilise a 4” dia. Steel tube emitter.  A burner on one end pushes hot gases downstream through the tubes- depending upon the burner size. This, in turn, emits infra-red radiant energy around its rim. Then, the optical reflector present over the top of tubes is used to push the infrared energy in the downward direction. This energy is then absorbed by the area to be heated up.

There are some top names in the industry of tube heater, offering 10 sided reflector.  The multi-faceted configuration ensures that 100% infrared energy is thrown out to heat up the surrounding. In addition, 100% efficient reflector eliminates hot-spot effects.

Heat Uniformity

This is fundamental that the tube heater product you opt for must ensure uniform heat temperatures along the complete length of the heater. Yes, according to the law of fluid flow in physics, states heat must dissipate as it moves away from the burner. However, top brands utilise jet stream burner, which pushes hot gases farther downstream. And spread heat more uniformly. By contrast, shoddy brands with a poor burner design, results in an uncomfortable hot spot, when above normal flame impinges on the top of the combustion tube


Ease of servicing should be given paramount importance when looking for some of the best names in the tube heater manufacturing industry. In the case of an ideal tube heater, the controls are easy to access making it easy for the owner to do the clean job. Since the blower fan gives air into a compartment separated from pressure sensing controls, the technician can make the diagnosis of your tube heater while the blower fan is on. In addition, controls isolated from moisture, air stream, and other contaminants are less likely to face the adverse effect of corroding.  Only a top name in a wide range of tube heaters online can withstand dusty and corrosive environments.

Construction quality

Though, there is no substitute for getting in close with the product, and “kicking the tires,” you can find the best brand by understanding the construction quality, read the specifications online:

A superior quality burner is made out of heavy-duty powder galvanised steel.

Good quality reflectors are usually constructed with 24 gauge aluminium sheet. The increase in the number of bends makes the reflector less susceptible to wrapping during heat-up and cool down phases.

At last, the above four criteria will aid you to hit upon the best brand when comes to tube heater. Customer reviews and friends recommendations are always handy to make the process of choosing the best brand a lot easier.

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