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Fresh Ideas Using Bluetooth Technology

Fresh Ideas Using Bluetooth Technology

Today, almost every technological device comes equipped with Bluetooth as standard equipment. Mobile phones, computers, speakers, headphones, televisions, car stereos and even wristwatches, all have Bluetooth, a protocol for short range wireless communication, installed in them.

Launched in 1999, Bluetooth was not an immediate success. It was expensive and most devices did not support it. However, fifteen years on, Bluetooth has proven its potential by becoming a tremendously useful tool for transferring data of any kind between devices in close proximity with each other.

Bluetooth is now in its fourth variant, with Bluetooth 4.0 coming out and it is now taken for granted that devices, especially mobile phones and computers, have the protocol bundled with them.

Bluetooth has helped people make their lives even more convenient. Hands free calls can be made, pictures can be printed wirelessly, data can be transferred between friends and associates in a matter of seconds. Bluetooth applications today are a fry cry from the applications that were around in 1999. Gone are the days of cumbersome installations and heavy files, these days, devices lock into each other via Bluetooth in a matter of seconds and one can start using the added functionality of Bluetooth almost instantly.

Below, we shall discuss a few products which are some of the freshest and most efficient ideas to come to the fore. These can be used via modern day mobile devices and computers. If your computer does not have Bluetooth compatibility, there are plenty of Bluetooth modules which can be connected to the computer through USB connections.

Fresh Ideas Using Bluetooth Technology

Microsoft Sculpt Mobile Keyboard

The sleek and contoured keyboard by Microsoft has made specifically for devices which run on Windows 8. There are keys which are dedicated to tasks idiosyncratic to the Windows 8 platforms. The keys perform functions such as cycling through open applications, searching for files, viewing the application bar, etc. Connectivity happens over Bluetooth 3.0 so if you’ve upgraded to Windows 8 from an older platform, you can still use the keyboard. The Bluetooth keyboard is better than a wireless-USB keyboard because it does away with the transmitter that needs to plugged in all the time for USB keyboards. Those transmitters are very easy to lose and they also occupy a USB port, limiting its use. Battery life is an impressive ten months!

  • Jabra Solemate

The Solemate is a modestly sized docking station which produces a sound which is not modest at all. It is extremely light, weighing in at just over twenty ounces and is less than seven inches in length. Sound comes through three speakers in front and you can connect to the device through Bluetooth 3.0 or a 3.5 mm port. The device uses Wideband which increases fidelity for low and high frequencies and the sound it produces is a lot better than most docking stations and Bluetooth speakers in the market today. It can also be used as a speaker phone and comes with a case as well. On a full charge, the speakers can work for almost eight hours.

  • Nike Hyperdunk+

The Hyperdunk+ is a really cool piece of footwear made by Nike. Sole mounted sensors communicate with your iPhone 4S/5 and helps you track your movements on a basketball court You can check how you many steps you take every second, the distance of your jumps, a data called you Nike Fuel number and then share your findings on Facebook or other social media platforms. Great for basketball hungry people.

  • Lockitron Deadbolt

The Lockitron Deadbolt is a very thoughtful product. It can be installed just as any other deadbolt for a door. It is, in essence, a Bluetooth lock for your home. Through the app, you can control the lock from anywhere around the world. The lock connects using Wi-Fi. It also connects using Bluetooth 4 (for now only for iPhone 4S/5) and will open automatically when you’re near the door. This will be a godsend for those who have to fumble with their keys while their laden with groceries and other shopping.

  • Plantronics Voyager Legend

The Plantronics Voyager Legend is probably the best monaural Bluetooth headset out there. Workaholics often seek a headset which offers supreme speaker and microphone clarity. They also want something which is comfortable and light enough to wear around all day long. The Voyager Legend fulfils both these desires with aplomb and also offers vey decent noise cancellation.

  • Philips SoundShooter Wireless

Cheap, small and easy to use, Philips has created the eye catching SoundShooter Wireless which packs a major punch at a very small price and size. It also doubles up as a very effective speaker phone and can last for almost 8 hours on a single charge. This is the perfect solution for those looking for a wireless speaker which doesn’t cost much but still manages to sound good.

Bio: Charlie is a freelancer writer of and he loves to write content for tech sites and in his free time he writes on his upcoming book – “Tech Guru”

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