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After all, you are what you eat!

What and how much you consume the necessary vitamins and minerals are bound to reflect on your skin and health, especially as we age.

Our healthy diet throughout our life decides the pattern in which we age. Adequate intake of essential vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates and everything else determines how your body works and looks at a certain age is crossed. But in this rat-race life and the significantly inferior quality of farm produce that we consume, there is no assurance that we are even consuming what is essential, which is why it is vital that we include such nutritional supplements in our diet, as we age, so as to compensate for what was not taken adequately and  help improve our quality of life and positively reflect upon the way we age.

One of the most commonly used products is nutraceuticals. Nutraceuticals are a type of dietary supplements that do not comprise of isolated nutrient or vitamin, but they are isolated from the food and are whole food that is packed in a capsule or as a pill. Since they are made from whole food, they are more beneficial to the body.

Aside from the fundamental nutritional value found in food, nutraceuticals provide additional health benefits such as minimizing the effect of age-related health troubles, controlling symptoms and preventing malignant complication.

Women are observed to have more micronutrients deficiency as they age, and it is essential that they get a comprehensive nutrient testing to identify the deficiency and start intaking nutraceuticals for women.

Why must one get tested for optimal levels of nutraceuticals?

The tests like SpectraCell Testing will help to identify the nutritional deficiency so that you can be provided with the best possible health plan.

It would be even more beneficial if they seek help with an integrated age management program to mitigate the effect of age-related nutritional deficiency.


There are three categories in which nutraceuticals are classified into:

Substances with established nutritional value;

Composition derived for serving a specific function such as supplements for weight -gain, weight-loss, etc.

Herbal  products in the form of extracts

In terms of food sources, nutraceuticals are categorized as:

Anti-oxidants vitamins



Polyunsaturated fatty acids

Dietary fibers


There is no such definition in the nation’s law for nutraceuticals, considering it still is in a somewhat ambiguous zone stuck between pharmaceuticals and foods.  But with an increasing number of researches revealing and confirming more and more benefits of the nutraceutical’s, it has become imperative that the regulation is looked into by assessing the clinical data covering the safety challenges and efficacy of the nutraceutical products.  


Depending upon the individual’s biological structure that is the genes, lifestyle and health conditions, nutraceutical impact different people differently, but they’re not denying the fact that it is beneficial to health by preventing, controlling and curing several pathological conditions. and enhances the quality of life.

Although a lifelong health practice would be to take as much as nutrition from the source itself since that is not possible, nutraceutical with whole fool benefits can augment your health and improve the quality of your life.

Don’t let aging stop you from living your life to the fullest. Reach out to an age management clinic and get yourself enrolled in an integrated age management program to enhance the quality of your life.

Book a free screening session, today!

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