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What Are The Techniques Followed For Hair Transplantation?

The hairs are the important ones for human beings. So without the hair on the head, it reduces their personality and also self-confidence. The best solution for this problem is the hair transplantation technique. One of the leading hair transplant centre in Ludhiana is doing this surgery at the low cost with the experienced experts. The center is good in the ambiance and also every clean. They are doing this service for the past many years. So they know about the minute problems that arise during this hair transplantation surgery and do the necessary operation more effectively.

Which technique is best?

The hair transplantation is the procedure that should be done by the experts. So the patient needs to choose the best centre in the city to undergo this surgery. Since this surgery is done for the patients with the two different techniques the choosing the best one is essential for them. One of the techniques is the follicular unit extraction (FUE) and the other one is the follicular unit transplantation (FUT). These techniques are good for the bald people as they can able to recover their lost hair within the few months or the years.


The FUT is the technique that is the cheapest one and also many people have started to follow this technique to regain their lost personality. This is the biggest procedure that is followed by the experts as they need to extract the strip of the follicular area from the donor side of the head to the bald side. This transplantation can be done by the company in the Ludhiana with the help of the advanced tools and the instruments.

Even though this treatment is a little painful this is good for the people as they want the number of the grafts to be implanted. The cost for this surgery is also the less. It never takes more time for doing this technique and so the people can get ready to do the actual workday after the surgery itself.


The follicular unit extraction is the technique that needs to be done by transplanting the individual hair follicles from the high-density area to the less dense area. They also pick the hair follicles from the other areas in the body. This procedure may take a little bit time as the experts need to do this process more carefully but once this technique is done then the patient is ready to work from the next day onwards.

Even the wounds sometimes may not get immediately but without proper medication given by the doctors, you can cure it easily. According to the number of grafts the price of this technique depends. Mostly the experts will do transplantation of the three thousand grafts of the hair follicle. So if the patient requires more than that then they will be treated the next day. This technique is the best one as no linear scars are present in the head and also less pain.

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