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The positives along with negatives of various types of sleeping positions

The moment your baby is born, the first thought that might strike you is the sleeping options for the newborn baby. This could be pretty confusing and hereby some of the best newborn sleeping options are discussed. The onus would be on to opt what suits you the best.

The co-sleeper

In this position, the baby happens to sleep just beside your side. In some ways, it may resemble a crib, but one portion is lower than the other. So if you want to reach out to the baby it is pretty much possible.

In terms of positives, at night time you can reach out to the baby for a cuddle, so the minimum amount of nighttime disruption occurs. You could term it smaller than a crib and since most of the models have locking wheels you can move it from one room to another in an easy manner. In terms of negatives since it happens to be smaller than a crib, it tends to outgrow it pretty quickly. The bedding accessories tend to be limited and if there are no wheels you might find it difficult to move it from one room to another.


Perhaps one of the most popular options for sleeping for your newborn baby. It is a traditional method and you can rely on it until the child is ready to turn over to a full size grown bed. The best part is that it happens to be available in various styles or patterns and you can find easy accessories to it. You would also need fewer updates at the same time. In terms of negatives as it happens to be of large size it would make the babies a lot unsettled in comparison to other options. It is less portable and at the same time the most expensive option among the lot.


This works out to be a cosy option for your newborn baby. The baby is prone to cocoon because of the smaller size associated with it. Your baby would be comfortable and will sleep in a proper manner as well. There is another variation of this option known as a cradle which also puts the baby to sleep as well. Because of the small size of it, you can move it from one room to another as there are wheels in it. In terms of negatives, the size of it is on the lesser side and it may require frequent updates as well.

Baby hammock

This works out to be a sleeping option that has gone on to become popular in the last few years. The motion of rocking comforts the baby to sleep in an easy manner. As the weight of the device is distributed equally the baby is prone to less pain in the muscles or joints. The chances of developing flat infant syndrome are limited as well. It is possible to move it from one room to another in an easy manner.

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