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Take care of your skin during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time when one feels a lot of physical and mental change. So, one needs to behave very carefully during this tenure.

In fact, the moment one finds that they are expecting a bay, they should immediately consult a gynaecologist. They are experienced doctors and they know what to eat and what measures to take during this time. A lot of problems can occur during pregnancy, skin problem is a very common one among them. If one needs to take skin disorder medicine while pregnant, they need to consult a doctor first and then they should go ahead.

During pregnancy, one can go back to that pimple prone skin again which they have left during their teenage. But the worst part is you can also not use any anti-acne products to get rid of them easily. So, it is a good idea to consult a dermatologist and ask them to prescribe a cream or a gel which you can use and it will not create any further skin rashes. But the things which are safe to use during pregnancy are tea tree oil and lactic acids. Do not try to touch or squeeze the pimples as they can leave a permanent mark on your skin.

Some women also suffer a lot from cold and allergy during these nine months of tenure. The best way to treat them is to go for non-drug remedies. One can drink a lot of fluids like warm ones and use a nasal spray if nose channels are blocked. But flu can be a bit more nagging and it can harm your body. It is a good idea to take flu shots to be safe and it can save you from the flu seasons especially if you are in the second or the third trimester.

Some mothers can also feel excessive dryness in their skin. For that one has to drink a lot of water. This will keep your skin hydrated in a natural way and provide them as much moisture as possible. Try to use a gentle lotion at a regular interval like every 2 hours every day. But remember, the lotion that you use should not have fragrance or a strong smell. But if you get some nasty itches due to dryness in your skin then try to have a warm oatmeal bath. This will give you some relief for sure.

It is a good idea to take a bath in lukewarm water always during this tenure. Cold or normal water can lead to skin dryness and also one can immediately catch a cold while using cold water for bathing purposes. Lukewarm water mostly keeps skin soft and one stays safe from flu by using them.

If one faces any kind of skin allergies during this time, they need to take pregnancy safe skin disorders medication and that has to be only prescribed by the doctors. If there is any uneasiness one immediately needs to show up to the doctor and then take their advice.

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