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Why Healthy Gums Lead to a Happy Heart?

One of the most common causes of death around the world is heart attacks and heart problems. What many people do not know is that poor oral hygiene and gum with poor health help to develop this type of disease. 

Most of the specialists have been denouncing this case for many years and little by little the majority of the population has become aware that having good hygiene and dental health are the keys to having a full, healthy life and avoiding possible problems of the heart. 

Dental diseases and heart attacks:

In recent years there have been a series of professional studies that have been successful in accepting that oral problems are a risk factor for patients suffering from heart disease. 

The relationship is very clear, so from the different groups of specialists in the dental sector, it has been proposed to create a series of awareness campaigns for the population at risk to improve their life and health. 

This is a problem that must be taken very seriously since up to 80% of the population suffers from periodontal disease, so the risks do not increase if not.

The periodontal disease ultimately causes infection of the patient’s gums. Bacteria not only affect the mouth, it is shown that these bacteria are also cause clogging of the arteries since they can travel through the blood and cause infections and ultimately also the clogging of the arteries. 

This is the main cause of heart attacks or other diseases such as stroke. If you are suffering from bleeding gums problems, you should first visit your dentist.

Also, such infection can, in turn, cause a rise in cholesterol levels. Recent studies in the sector have shown that periodontal bacteria are also present in all these heart-related problems. That is why it is essential to lead a healthy life and avoid such problems.

Good dental hygiene habits and periodic check-ups at the dental clinic, up to twice a year, reduce the occurrence of such ailments. This is the main reason for a decrease in cardiac problems and to enjoy a fuller and better life. 

A trusted dentist is the key to gradually increasing awareness among patients and society in general in this regard, and together we can improve our living and health conditions.

How teeth affect the heart?

Proper oral hygiene not only pursues a mouth that looks and smells healthy. 

Did you know that cardiovascular diseases represent the main cause of mortality in the world? In most countries, the problems of high blood pressure and stroke caused the death of more than 17 million lives a year. 

Teeth and gums play a fundamental role in maintaining overall health. The mouth is a main entrance of bacteria and periodontal disease increases the chances of suffering from cardiovascular diseases. If you have gum issues, you should first have bleeding gums treatment.

What relationship do the teeth and the heart have?

The voices that warn about the importance of oral hygiene in heart care have long insisted on this issue. The American Cardiology Association has long recommended gum care as another strategy to prevent ischemic heart disease.

There is no doubt that there is a direct relationship between the bacteria that inhabit the mouth and cardiovascular diseases. And in this sense, we not only talk about caring for teeth but also the gums.

Specifically, gum or periodontal disease requires preventive treatment that is essential in the relationship between the teeth and the heart. 

The greatest danger, moreover, is that on many occasions we talk about oral problems that progress silently without waking up an alert signal, and when it becomes a pain and we want to remedy it, it may have already significantly affected our hearts.

How to identify the hazards?

Here we want to help you identify the dangers to avoid that the relationship between the teeth and the heart can affect your health. Therefore, having any of the following assumptions is more than enough reason to see a dentist as soon as possible:

– Red or swollen gums

Bleeding gums during brushing or flossing

– The feeling of loose teeth

– Bad breath

– Hypersensitivity to cold

– Gums that seem separated from the teeth

Reviews at the dental clinic will help us reduce the risks of cardiovascular disease, especially in patients with heart problems. Periodontal disease is associated with inflammation of the gums, and therefore there is a greater mobilization of bacteria in the mouth.

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