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Conventional Physiotherapy Methods For Reaching A Level Of Excellence

It is to be noted here that Mt. Lehman Physiotherapy clinic is one of the most well-known physiotherapy clinics of the city, and the demand for getting treated by them is very high. People from all over the country come to them for getting various kinds of physio therapies done. The clinic is very old and all the doctors here are certified. The physiotherapists here are highly experienced and they know how to fully satisfy their patients. The team of doctors here provides a wide variety of services that includes IMS Abbotsford as well. The variety of services they provide will be discussed below.

The variety of services

The wide variety of services provided by Mt. Lehman physiotherapy clinic are:

  • Dry needling: This is a treatment method that is done for both chronic and acute pain of the body. In here dry needles are embedded into the myofascial triggers of the body in order to relieve the patient from pain.
  • Acupuncture: It is a known as a traditional medicine that has evolved from China and got blended with modern science. It is a very effective therapy that is done to reduce the chronic pain and the fibromyalgia.
  • Concussion management: Concussion is somewhat of a brain injury that can be caused due to a trauma. In here the chemical balance of the brain gets disturbed and that is the reason why the concussion management is done in order to restore the chemical balance of the brain.
  • Vestibular treatment: It is for the treatment of dizziness, body balance and vertigo. Those people suffering from any if the disorders can get it checked as soon as possible.
  • Spinal manipulation: The treatment of spinal manipulation is done in order to eliminate back and neck pain from the body. It is also done to improve the overall body functioning.

And many more to name just a few.

The cost Features

It is to be noted here that the cost of getting a physiotherapy treatment done with Mt. Lehman is not very high. Those people having a reasonable kind of health insurance can easily get the cost of treatment covered. But those not having any kind of health insurance also need not worry as the treatment cost will not be beyond a reasonable rate. The doctors here are very generous and they never let their patients fall short over financial grounds. With such humility, the demand for the treatment of Physiotherapist Abbotsford, is ever increasing.

Post-surgical rehabilitation

Along with many other services, one of the most important service provided by Mt. Lehman is post-surgical rehabilitation. It is done to treat the patients from joint injuries and in here often a joint replacement surgery is also done. The post-surgical rehabilitation that is done is for a fast and proper functioning of the body. The doctors work as a team here in order to ensure that the recovery of the patients are fast. With these many exciting features, as it has been mentioned above, the demand for getting treated at Mt. Lehman comes from all parts of the country in a very high rate.

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