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The Right Technologies Can Save Your Employee's Health

Employers are more committed to using the right technologies to help improve employee health. Employers no longer rely only on their health insurers and wellness program vendors to handle employee wellness. The employer must be involved and engage employees to collaborate in their own health and wellness. Attention to wellness and employee health will increase productivity and morale and decrease injuries and lost workdays.

The Workplace of Today

New communication and information technology has changed the way employees work. Modern workstations include lighting, furniture, electronics and other tools. Proper arrangement and adjustment of each of these items is critical to maximize productivity, reduce worker fatigue and facilitate task performance. Customizing the workstation to fit the worker and the tasks performed is crucial. The right technologies can save employee’s health.

Workstation Equipment

Scientifically designed, ergonomic products help employees remain healthy and promote productivity. Properly supported adjustable chairs with lumbar support as well as support under the legs are now indispensable. The chairs should have movable armrests and other adjustable features, so that the employee sits with knees at a 90-degree angle, with feet flat on the floor or footrest.
Specialized tables are available for some employees in order to allow the person to reach their work easier. This helps to prevent musculoskeletal pain and repetitive strain injuries. Specialized tables include tilt-able tables or desks for architects and artists, semi-automated tables for employees in manufacturing, adjustable height worktables for assembly workers, and adjustable sit/stand workstations for office personnel. Anti-fatigue mats are wise additions for these types of employees as well.

General Health and Emergency Equipment

Installation of a fully automated blood pressure monitoring station allows the employee to take an active role in their health management. A simple blood pressure and heart rate monitor station may be sufficient but also available are stations with additional biometric measurement options such as body fat, blood oxygen or weight. The employer can rent the equipment and the medical equipment company will provide periodic preventive maintenance, on-site service and calibration.
External defibrillators are invaluable in case of sudden cardiac arrest. For the best chance of survival, it is best to administer the defibrillator within minutes because for every minute that a victim is without a regular heartbeat, the survival rate drops dramatically. The defibrillators are lightweight and portable, and are designed to be used by people with little training. An external defibrillator would be an important addition to an emergency response plan and important for employee health.

Advanced Technology for Employee Involvement

The use of computer technology is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to disperse information and involve employees in learning about a healthy lifestyle, including better nutrition and the benefits of increased physical activity. On a periodic basis, employers should send out brief health information for employees to consider for improvement of their overall wellness. One of the newest and more fun ways to get employees involved is to suggest mobile applications such as Hotseat, which suggests 2-minute exercises done on office breaks. In order to implement a program at work, consider suggesting the Fit Bit Ultra Tracker app. It tracks sleep patterns, calories burned, food and exercise logs and provides progress reports so employees can focus on individual goals and also motivate and support co-workers.
Ergonomic tools, equipment, workstations and electronic applications combine to form the right technologies to save your employee’s health. This will result in fewer injuries, increased productivity, increased morale, and reduced absenteeism. An investment in attention to wellness by both the employee and employer will reduce the risk of stress and fatigue which contribute to injury and illness. This investment in health is an investment in productivity.
Author Bio: Sarah Daren is a writer who creates informative articles relating to the field of health. In this article, she offers a few tips health in the business world and aims to encourage further study with an online bachelors in nursing.

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