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The Cutting Edge Of Limousine Technology

Limousines are some of the finest ways to move around town. Whether you are hiring a limo for an exciting night out with your friends or for your wedding day, you should know all that the industry has to offer. One of the appeals of many limousines is their appeal to a classic sort of elegance. Because of this, Mercedes from the 1950s and 1960s Rolls-Royces are incredibly popular. In Western Australia, they’re some of the most requested limo hires. However, that’s not the only appeal of a limousine.

Some people are attracted to cutting-edge technology instead of classic opulence. A light show is one of the most significant indicators of this technologically-advanced luxury. These tend to come in several different varieties. LED, RGB, fibre optic, strobe lights, and neon lights. You can create

The Cutting Edge Of Limousine Technology


A stretch limousine has a lot of ceiling space. Many newer limos have PVC ceilings that form the latest in ceiling display. The newest and most advanced ceilings can be customised with lights and displays to create a fully-immersive experience. Many of these stunning visual displays are paired with audio to create true immersion.

Some customers do not want lighted ceilings, but instead want to evoke the feeling of a roving nightclub. A mirror-finish stainless steel ceiling is perfect for this. The shimmering metal reflects light, creating a size-increasing effect inside the vehicle.


With a stretch limo and a full party, getting in and out should be as easy as possible. If you are hiring a limo for a wedding in the Perth area, you have to think about the wedding dress as well. Getting in and out of the limousine in a wedding dress can be a hassle. Also, you run the risk of getting road grime on the dress. An advanced middle-entry door is a great solution. These wide doors in the middle of the vehicle open upwards so that you can get in and out even with a long train on your dress. Also, since the door is in the middle of the vehicle, you can avoid the tires completely, eliminating the danger of getting road grime on your dress., which specialises in hiring limos in Perth, refers to these as bridal doors.


No matter where you’re headed, you should have all of the opulence you expect. For many people, this means a bar. Advanced limousines offer lighted and marbleised bars, stocked with ice and water. Many of these bars are outfitted with the same lights mentioned above.

10 Metres

Very few limousines in Australia are ten metres long. Some of the Hummer hires in the country bill themselves as fourteen-passenger limousines. However, only the Cadillac Escalade is a true fourteen-passenger limo. The Escalade offers more headroom and legroom than the Hummer does. Jeep limousines are usually not as long, but they offer more space than standard limousines. The prevalence of the stretch SUV is a sign that limousine technology is advancing to become more and more comfortable for passengers.

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