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Protect Business Software With Escrow

For many different kinds of commercial concerns operating across the entire spectrum of business, the use of ever more complex and customised software application suites is now the norm.
These form the basis of the systems and the mechanisms that enable a business to run smoothly and efficiently, affecting every area from customer contact through to finance management and ultimately often the creative or practical actions of the business itself.
This means that is more important than ever to protect these often intangible assets and to have contingency plans in place to deal with worst case scenarios.


There are many basic day to day ways to make sure low level problems don’t interrupt the smooth operation of a business. Whether you have dedicated IT experts on site or not, regular maintenance in terms of software is as important as it is to the continuing running of physical machinery.
However, no matter how much you backup data and optimise operating conditions, there is always the possibility of some kind of catastrophic systems failure occurring through circumstances that are totally beyond your control.

Bespoke Software

Data loss can be often be avoided or recovered after the fact, but as expensive software systems come in all shapes and sizes it is increasingly common for firms to have specialised systems which are fully customised or even created in a ‘bespoke’ fashion. In the event of catastrophic system crashes, the results can have a serious long term impact.
The worst case scenario is if your system has been installed by a company which for whatever reason goes under but has kept the source code to themselves. This would mean that your own operations could be put into an extremely difficult position.

Software Escrow

The solution to this are software escrow services which is based on the concept of an independent third party taking responsibility to hold information or data that is covered by an agreement by another two parties.
An agreement is made so that under certain conditions the party holding the escrow has enters into proceedings and acts in the manner laid out to take certain pre-agreed actions. In such a situation, NCC Group’s software verification provides all the necessary scripts, instructions and files that would be required to rebuild an application or suite of software with minimal disruption to the ongoing operations of the company.
This is how professional escrow services work in a situation where a company is no longer in a position to provide source code or services to a client company.

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