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Moving Into the Digital Age: Industries Benefitting from Computerised Systems

In the modern digital age there is no space for living on paper, spending hours putting everything into filing cabinets and then organising it all into alphabetical order or some kind of logical system that you understand, (even if nobody else does!) It’s all about utilising the computerised systems that have taken over the world, making our jobs, and life in general, much simpler.
Computerised systems have benefitted so many different industries, taking the time out of long and complex processes and even removing the risk of injuries in some cases. Take a doctor’s surgery as an example, imaging having to deal with all of the patients’ notes in paper form, and then compare that with how easy it would be to use electronic medical records software to speed up processes and also to help confidentiality.
manufacturingThe design and manufacturing industry have benefitted significantly from the computer systems they have in place. They can design a product on a computer and get a different machine to cut a material, such as metal, according to the exact specifications and shape on the screen. Doing it using a computer-guided machine takes out the risk of injury to people, something that could come as a result of loose clothing getting caught in a machine leading to cuts, lacerations or even more severe damage.
Hospitals, like surgeries, have benefitted substantially too. As little as a decade ago, patients would go for an x-ray and you might have to wait a significant period of time before the images were brought to the ward for analysis. Today, thanks to technology such as tablet computers, doctors are able to receive the results in a matter of minutes and diagnose and treat the patient.
Even the motoring industry has benefitted from computerised systems, helping those working in repairs to get the car back in full working order. After an accident, you may find that the alignment has been adjusted and the car might pull to one side. Using lasers and computers, the mechanic can help to realign the car and make sure that it goes where it’s meant to.
The reason why so many companies have benefitted from the digital age is quite simple – they’ve had to embrace it. The “old school” business approach might have worked in the past, even up to the turn of the millennium, but in today’s market place you quite simply have to implement the latest and greatest. If there is a task that can be done more easily, then it needs to be done. If there is a task that can be done more quickly, then it needs to be done. Sure, it may present an initial risk to employment – in theory at least – but the skills of the employees can be deployed elsewhere, allowing the technology to take care of the more difficult or “risky” processes.
One of the number one marketing tools in the modern era is the company website. In the past it was seen as a novelty, something you had if you had the time to create it. Now, you’re getting left behind if you don’t have one. For the un-tech savvy among us, it’s not the end of the world as there are plenty of agencies that you can speak to in order to have a site made for you, just make sure that you remain in constant contact with them to make sure your brand values shine through and that you promote your message.
Social media is also proving to be essential, helping brands reach a whole range of new customers by interacting with the audience. When someone complains about a product or service, their issues can be addressed by someone at the firm or someone who knows how to resolve the problem; and you can remain in contact with customers who mention a positive experience.
The digital age is here, and here to stay, and increasing numbers of companies and industries will find –  almost without noticing it – that they’re incorporating more and more computerised systems and processes into their daily work. They might seem daunting and complicated to many at first, but given time you’ll wonder how you ever survived without them.

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