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Maintenance and Repair Businesses: 5 Ways To Stay Ahead Of The Curve

The maintenance and repair industry includes a great variety of specialties and services. As such a large industry, there is a lot of competition, even for established repair businesses. If your business specializes in maintenance or repair, consider the following tips on staying ahead of the curve in this diverse and competitive industry:

New Tools

A repair business should upgrade its collection of equipment and tools. For example, there are cordless handheld power tools that are more convenient to handle that traditional, corded tools. With battery- powered tools, there is no need to search for an outlet while doing repairs inside and outside of a building or home. This helps to save valuable time and allows repairmen extra mobility when on site, resulting in better service in less time.

Fleet Management

To perform repairs and maintenance, it’s important to bring along all of the necessary equipment and supplies. A proper fleet should be available to handle various types of loads. Pickup trucks and commercial vans are large enough to transport essential items to a job site such as ladders, power tools and hardware. A fleet should include vehicles that are capable of towing trailers with loads of several thousand pounds. Semi-trucks may also be needed to accommodate the transportation needs of a repair company.

Improve Response Time

Customers expect timely service from a repair company. A modern GPS navigation system can provide the best directions for such a business that needs to get to a client as soon as possible. Live traffic updates and optimized routes can give repair companies an edge when it comes to arriving to a customer’s home or building. During emergency situations that require immediate fixing, repair companies simply can’t afford to lose precious minutes when driving to a client.

Upgrade Communications

Repair businesses should be able to receive requests from customers at any time. A traditional phone line can be set up to forward calls directly to a business owner’s mobile phone. Additionally, digital voice mail allows a repair company to remotely check its messages from customers that need service as soon as possible.

Online Marketing

Maintenance and repair business should have professional websites that can attract local customers. Social media and networks can be used to locally advertise a repair business, offering deals for customers who spread the word and displaying services and qualifications in a place that customers can easily access. Via social media, customer’s can look up your company’s hours, services offered, and contact information. Many potential customers will search for a business on facebook or twitter after hearing about it—make sure yours is there when they are.

Upgrades to digital technology and traditional hardware should be made by all repair businesses to keep business dealings up to speed with the modern world. It’s also important to have the right type of vehicles, management systems, communications capabilities, and online presence for both advertising and performing repairs.

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