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If you are one of the millions of Americans who has a laptop, we’re sure that you’ll agree that many of them are fragile little things. Even though advancements in the industry have found them now built to last ad withstand even the most grueling usage circumstances, they are still pretty fragile and have to be handled with a certain extra level of care and consideration. When you get a laptop, it usually comes with a set of guidelines that provide tips on the most optimal usage. We say usually because sometimes, you don’t get these guidelines and you’re just left to fend for yourself. We have to admit that the transition from desktop to laptop may be hard for some people as they think they can treat the laptop with the same hands that they treat their desktops but this just isn’t so. A desktop is a lot more durable than a laptop can ever aspire to be and a lot of the strength that it can deliver is due largely to the fact that desktops are not that easy to just move around. Usually, wherever you set it up is where is will stay for a really long time. Laptops however, are built for mobility and movement and with this convenience comes a wealth of possibility for things like bouncing, falling, spillage and breakage. Even if you didn’t spend too much money and you had a Tech for Less laptop, you would still have to be very careful about how to handle it because even at discount prices, a laptop, just like any computer system is an investment and should not be treated with lightly.
There are several things you can do however to extend the physical life and strength of your laptop. Some may cost a little extra money, but in the long run they will save you cash on repairs in the event that you have a trip or something equally devastating. One of the best things you can do for a laptop is get a cooling tray or fan pad. Many people enjoy using their laptops in bed or on other soft but firm surfaces – this spells fever for the laptop. The vents that are meant to cool your laptop are usually at the bottom of the laptop itself and when you put it on a cushiony surface, these vents become clogged and ventilation does not happen. A cooling tray is an excellent way to achieve a solid surface while having the benefits of cool air circulated around the core of the laptop while it is in use and can become heated. Another investment for your laptop is a good bag or case. Many of us don’t want to lumber around with a laptop bag over our shoulders but they are very necessary. The sleeves that are out now keep dirt off and even some spills, but should the laptop fall or get knocked, it may be done for. A well made laptop bag will help ease the burden of the weight of the laptop, offer cushioned support as well as offer storage space for all the important external elements like the power cord, headphones and your external hard drive.

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