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IT Manager Job Duties and Responsibilities

What To Avoid When Creating A Website For Your Business

IT Managers also known as an information systems manager, computer services manager or IT service manager, an IT manager leads the IT department in fulfilling the organization’s information systems requirements. Educational requirements for IT managers typically include a master’s degree in computer science or engineering in addition to several years of experience in computer programming, systems analysis, software engineering and data administration.

IT managers recruit and train such IT professionals as computer programmers, system administrators and database administrators. They liaise with upper-management to determine the requirements for the organization’s IT needs and lead their staff in projects. For example, an IT manager in a growing company might determine that the company needs to expand its information systems (databases, servers, Intranet) to accommodate that growth. The IT manager would consult with upper-management and then strategize projects for their team which adhere to a designated budget and timeline.

 5 Most Important things to do on IT Manager Job Role

5. Relation to Revenue

IT managers are often called upon by the organization to advise on IT solutions that could help make the organization more efficient and/or profitable. For example, streamlined databases or Intranet systems that help network users enter information more quickly, or increased bandwidth to improve Internet access.

What To Avoid When Creating A Website For Your Business

4. Research

IT managers need to stay updated on the latest industry trends so they can keep up with the organization’s changing information systems needs. In addition to reading IT magazines and websites, an IT manager might also attend industry conferences and tradeshows.

3. Disaster Mitigation

In addition to maintaining an organization’s technological infrastructure, IT managers are also responsible for foreseeing problems that might arise and developing strategies to deal with them. IT managers need to have plans in place to deal with potential breaches of security to the organization’s information systems or system crashes and subsequent loss of information.

2. Range of Industries

IT managers are employed in a wide range of industries and organizations, from not-for-profits, to banks, to hospitals, to retailers. Virtually any mid-large sized organization needs a person in charge of overseeing their information systems.

1. Range of Titles

There are a wide range of job titles that are essentially synonymous with “IT manager”, including IT Operations Strategy Manager, Manager of IT Solutions, information systems manager, computer services manager and more.

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