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Importance of application security

The mobile applications bring many benefits for the end users. These applications could be very useful for those users who admire the latest technology available. One of the main reasons for the immense popularity of these applications is their inbuilt capability for the faster sharing of data, which enhance the productivity and growth of any company. The most common problem that every company encounters with these applications is Security Breaches. Therefore, while designing these applications, every company need to be careful and should employ all the application security measures.

What is Application Security?

Application security is the use of advance hardware, software, and other procedural methods to protect the applications from various external or internal threats. The security of mobile application is becoming an increasingly important concern, as these applications become more frequently accessible over the networks; as a result, these are vulnerable to a wide variety of security threats. Actions taken to ensure maximum security of the applications are sometimes called Countermeasures.

What is the need of Application Security?

Some of the most common areas where there are higher levels of security risks are user authentication, security analysis and monitoring, data security on the device, data transit issues and device management/application provisioning.  Application security measures along with a sound application security routine minimize the likelihood of these risks. With application security, you can ensure that no unauthorized code will manipulate the application to steal, access, modify, or delete the sensitive data.

Data security is very essential especially in businesses and if you don’t pay attention to the Application Security, the data could be lost, damaged, or worst of all fall in the wrong hands. There are different kinds of threats in your data security such as Trojan horses, spywares, viruses, and malicious software. Hackers use these tools to gain illegal access to the valuable data. Many information security companies in India and abroad provide services against such illegal accesses. Having an application security function would offer many benefits. Some of the benefits to have such application security include:

  • Protection of information
  • Keeping ahead of your competitors
  • Reduce the development costs
  • Expanding the business into the new markets
  • Providing security of the client’s data
  • Meeting the current requirements
  • Standards and software interoperability

It is essential for any organization to protect their valuable data and information which is considered to be the most important asset of any company. By adding the application security functions, businesses can enhance their credibility among the customer; hence, they can expand their market capitalization and can stay ahead of their competitors by simultaneously reducing the security risks.

What can be done to enhance Application Security?

Application security can be enhanced by:

  1. Rigorously defining enterprise assets
  2. Identifying what application does (or will do) with respect to the assets
  3. Creating a security profile for every application
  4. Identifying and prioritizing all the potential threats
  5. Documenting adverse events and the actions taken in each case

This process of application security is known as threat modelling. In addition to this, there are various application security companies in India and the global market that provide end-to-end security services. You can take help from these companies to protect the applications from various external and internal attacks.


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