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Hot Printing Can Give That Beautiful Effect On The Paper

Printing has come a long way from just block printing to digital printing and engraving which is the most vital aspect of creating a brand presence in the market. There are different methods applied to print on stationery items and one of such popular method is foil stamping. If you have a general idea about foil stamping it would be easier for you to decide in future which type of printing you want to apply for your stationery products. This is a type of printing in which essentially heat, pressure and time are most important. The quantum of all there must be precise so that there is no over melting, breakage and lines in the print.

The Foil Rolls

Metal dies and foil films are used in this process as the most essential tools. The foils come in various colors apart from the traditional gold and silver, in different rolls, finishes as well as optical effects. Metal foils are most commonly used in printing today and you will see a number of such foils in gold, silver, copper and holographic materials. You will also get foils rolls which have solid colors in both variants like glossy and matte finish. To see the images of such rolls and to know more about them you can log on to along with other information.

Hot Printing Can Give That Beautiful Effect On The Paper

Printing Made Easy

In the earlier days, foil stamping was done painstakingly by hand set lettering or with the help of custom engraved dies. Each letter was prepared for the image or a die was engraved by hand using separate fonts of lead and brass letters along with the text arranging one letter at a time. This intensive labor restricted its use to literary titles and book covers and with the advent of the advantageous hot printing it can now be done on anything and everything and also in a very short time.

The Process Of Printing

Just like the letterpress and engraving in the earlier days, foil stamping also works on the same principle with the difference being that there is no harmful chemical or paint used in hot stamping. It is also very effective and fast as products can be handled and packed as soon as the printing is done and there is no need for it to leave aside for drying. The press is allowed to run over the stuff multiple times over the foil to give the desired effect.You can get more information on regarding the entire process and technicalities of hot printing.

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