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Telemarketing is a method of sales that involve making calls to prospective clients in the hope of making a sale. It can also involve automated voices programmed to be through automatic dialing over the phone. They are referred to cold calls since the receivers had not requested for the information being delivered. Telemarketing can either be inbound or outbound. Inbound is when you are introducing a commodity to a person who have already expressed interest by email or a call while outbound is unsolicited call to a prospective client. Telemarketing is a major source of sales leads thus a company needs to be very keen while selecting the telemarketing system to install. There are some factors that you should consider while choosing the best system to install.

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One of these factors is the degree of automation of your business. This is very important since the more automated you are the more sophisticated system you will need.You should also consider the cost of system and the cost of training the sales people on the use of the system.

Another factor that needs to be considered is the quality of equipment’s.You should ensure you purchase equipment’s of very good quality.Some equipment’s are mandatory while others can be purchased as time goes by. It also depends on the main form of telemarketing whether it will major mainly on inbound or outbound communication. Someequipment’s are necessary like handsets so that your sales force can be mobile. It’s also important to consider if your phones will be connected to computers so that you can purchase some. It is very important to be smart when shopping for equipment’s to ensure you are not swayed by your sales team. The only mandatory equipment is a phone and the rest are determined by size of business and available resources.

The best way of installing a telemarketing system is to gradually purchase gadgets and start with necessaryones. After hiring and training your sales team on how to use these maybe later as demand increases you can improve the system. While looking for a good agency to install the telemarketing services, you should ensure it has the following basic qualities; it should be a software that is able to make list based calls and also set appointment, it should handle the distribution of lead to the sales people and also boost their calls productivity. Other factors that are important to consider especially in case of outbound telemarketing include lead generation, telemarketing sales, option for loading list into dialer, filtering options according to a pre-defined criteria, comprehensive redial, multiple campaigns, it’s also important to have a system that supports sales information like Facts & Questions.You can also increase sales by making sure your inbound telemarketing service is turning leads into sales, this is by considering the following very important factors; telephone messaging and answering services. It is also vital to have an order and catalog entry so that every client who calls or email expressing interest is served and transformed to a sale. It’s also good to install an order and credit card processing in case you sell online. Others include customer support and also important is a locator service in case follow up is to be done by physical visits.

It is therefore very important to note the following factors so as to have a good phone systems that can transform leads into sales.

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