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Designing Of A Good E-commerce Website

E-commerce websites are designed with the aim of enabling an online purchase. There is a need for a website designer to put into consideration a variety of online based selling principles when it comes to ecommerce website designing.
You might be wondering why the design of an ecommerce website is different from the design of other websites. It is true that all websites need to appear attractive, organized with attractive colours. That is true but a closer look at ecommerce websites will reveal something more that makes them different from the other websites. There are some selling principles that an ecommerce website should follow so as to give a user an experience that is pleasant when doing online shopping.
The website should provide sufficient and satisfactory information about the owner of the website and the reason to trust them. The website should be easy to use. If not, the visitor will most likely go to your competitor whose website is easy to use. It is not your wish to have visitors opt for your competitor website. You must therefore ensure that visitors don’t find it hard to use your website. Although placing of goods on a website is far much easier, compared to opening a supermarket, making an online sale is much more difficult.
A well designed ecommerce will take a visitor to the page he or she is looking for in just one click or two utmost. Techniques used by the designers of ecommerce websites are different from what is used in other websites. A good example is the use of one sales letter. In these sites the only link you will get is one that will direct you to the order form .All the facts about the product are presented to the visitor in a very smart way and after going through a few lines, there is the option of clicking for the order form.
The layout of an ecommerce website is also very important. The point to consider is where the eye will look first after getting into the website. There is a lot of research that has been done regarding this topic. Research has shown that middle left side is the one that will first catch eyes attention, followed by the page’s center. Just like in the supermarket website designers usually draw a walking path to catch the visitor’s eye, so that they can online purchase.
The biggest challenge that website designers have is in translating conventional marketing techniques into the world of internet, which is virtual. You can relate to a supermarket where mostly you will find bread placed at the farthest corner, yet you can smell it when you are at the entrance. It is a deliberate move that marketers apply. You will have pass by other items as you move to where the sweet smell of bread is coming from.
That is the dilemma that gets into ecommerce website developers. The aim of the site is to attract visitors to buy what is displayed on the site. An ecommerce site designer must develop a path that will lead a visitor making an online purchase. Unlike the bread that is kept further in a supermarket but will attract a person with its sweet smell, a website has no smell. In a website the entrance and exit are at the same place. The challenge is to arrange the website in such a way that it will expose the site visitors to as many products as possible. A website designer should develop an ecommerce that will not only attract visitors, but also make them make online purchase.
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