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Care Options For Patients With Alzheimer’s

Taking care of somebody suffering from Alzheimer’s and staying at a care home in Victoria BC is challenging in many aspects. There are a lot of emotions that course through every decision you have to make; however, it shouldn’t be that hard. With the right planning and guide, families can greatly lessen the amount of stress of coping with someone with Alzheimer’s.

There a lot of varying factors to consider in determining what care options to choose from for patients with Alzheimer’s. During the early stage of Alzheimer’s, most families often opt for home care so that their loved ones can live in familiar surroundings and enjoy much independence as possible.

Care Options For Patients With Alzheimer’s

As the diseases escalate on to its later stages, residential care may be needed to provide those with Alzheimer’s the total care that they need.

Early and Middle Stages of Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care

Home Care is normally the first choice for those who have loved ones suffering from Alzheimer’s during the early and middle stages of the disease. Most families find it best that their loved ones remain in a familiar and comfortable environment with minimal interference from familiar routines. But it is important, right from the start, to identify the need to hire a homemaker or nursing assistant in order to make home care more doable. Home Care is also a less costly care choice for Alzheimer’s patients especially if other members of the family can share in the caregiving work.

Middle to Late Stages of Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care

Assisted Living is another viable care option for patients suffering Alzheimer’s during the early to middle stages of the disease that cannot stay at home. This type of care normally offers supportive services like transportation and housekeeping. This care may also be good for those that need to relocate since they can live more independently and with their peers. Trained staff and also specialized Alzheimer’s wings in most facilities make this a good choice. Most of this units also have extra staffing and secure areas to handle wandering problems.

Late Stages of Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care

Nursing Homes like Craigdarroch Care Home are needed when patients with Alzheimer’s are in its advanced stages and require a 24-hour supervision by licensed nurses where other care options are not feasible anymore. Go for facilities that are near your home and with a special care unit so you can monitor your loved ones with Alzheimer’s.

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