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Underlying Causes Of Pregnancy Depression

Underlying Causes Of Pregnancy Depression

Depression during the stages of pregnancy is a widespread phenomenon. Have you ever wondered why pregnant women suffer from such a situation in the first place. Yes pregnancy depression medications are available, but you would need to get into the depth of the problem. Pregnancy is a time when mental along with physical changes are expected and though all women may not suffer from depression, some are going to feel it for sure. A lot of people consider pregnancy to be a fun filled time but this is not the case as always. The mere fact of expecting a baby is indeed stressful, and there are bound to be lots of doubts once the stage of pregnancy progresses.

Heredity has a role to play here as if you have a family history where negative thoughts creep into your mind, the same aspect is going to flow on to you. In certain cases this could also happen to the wave of neuro transmitters that is part of your body. These are neutral chemicals in the body which helps to regulate the mood. When they are unbalanced it can make you blue and depressed. When pregnant your hormonal balances are always fluctuating and this can lead to emotional bursts. The hormone estrogen is going to be a protective barrier when pregnant and woman have abundance of this hormone. But if the hormone levels are high coupled with progesterone hormone that this could trigger depression. During the later stages of pregnancy a lot of changes can take place in your body that may lead to stress or anxiety and this would mean rampant and extreme physical changes.

Once a woman approaches the last trimester of pregnancy they would want things to be over. At this time they experience difficulty in physical activities in sleeping . When there is lack of quality sleep it can have a negative impact on your confidence levels. A point to consider is that any physical changes that you experience during pregnancy are for the time being. It is going to be foregone conclusion once you are over with pregnancy. Yes agreed to the fact that you are not going to feel good about yourself when you find it difficult to move, the feet cannot be lifted for a few weeks. Simple matters like going for a shower might also need some help and then stress also gets the matter of you.

On the other side of the coin, some women may not experience any depression during pregnancy or the symptoms may be present that is negligible. If the symptoms of it tend to last more than a couple of weeks, then you are clinically depressed. If there is a history of pre medical conditions then it could aggravate the problem all the more in the coming days.

Stomach problems also cramp up during the period of pregnancy and it is about avoid spicy or foods that trigger digestion problems. Meds for pregnancy digestion are available over the counter.

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