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All That You Need To Know About a Coat

winter wear online

The coat can bring out the diva in you instantly. All you need to do is pick the right one! With varieties of fabrics, colours and styles to choose from, you will never run out of ideas. Choose from wool, tweed, corduroy, leather, cotton or even velvet in exotic styles that exude sensuality, style and confidence at the same time. You can pick winter wear online in corduroy if you prefer something formal that has professional appeal. For a more stylised look, try a printed trench coat and for more chic ideas, read on.

winter wear online

8 Types of Coat to Choose From

Here’s a look at the uber-stylish range of coats waiting to do the magic for you.

  1. Trench Coat: Originally an elective piece worn by the British Army, this is today the most preferred pick when divas look for winter wear online. It is a ten-buttoned, double-breasted coat available in both solid, sophisticated shades and light, feminine hues, such as red, peach and periwinkle. It is perfect in dark shades for a vintage style for ladies who wish to conceal their fuller appearance and in peppy chic hues to suit the more slender and tall women who wish to add dimension to their personality.
  2. Parka Coat: This is a puffy, often down-filled jacket, in which the style ranges from cropped to below mid-calf as well as with or without fur. Ideal for extreme winters, this piece of apparel suits divas with a petite frame and narrow shoulders as well as average to tall frame.
  3. Pea Coat: This outer coat is a classic style that hits below the hip and is double-breasted, and often referred to as a Jackie O jacket. Women with small bust, broad shoulders and a curvaceous or hour-glass frame should opt for this when browsing for winter wear for women online.
  4. Wrap Coat: Its appearance is akin to a robe that has extra fabric that allows it to overlap in the front. It is pulled together by a belt and is a good option for divas with a well defined waist line and curvaceous frame. It can be opted for by top heavy women who would prefer drawing attention to their waist and their toned legs.
  5. Chesterfield Coat: A long, tailored overcoat with very little waist suppression, this item of clothing is like a ‘sack suit’.  It is slim, single or double breasted, with blazer like lapels and often made in velvet. Ideal for fashionistas with broad shoulders, and a slim and tall frame. It can accentuate the appearance of bottom heavy ladies by drawing attention to their upper part. However, the choice of colour is important. Go for dark solids, such as navy, black, brown and deep maroon.
  6. Military Coat: This is usually very long, hitting below the knee and sometimes even touching the ankle. It is double breasted, usually with brass-button details. It is perfect for those long legged beauties who have a really tall and athletic or ruler frame. It goes well with the hour-glass frame as well.
  7. Cape Coat: Prevalent in medieval Europe, this one is often worn with a hood. A sleeveless style that can have armholes, it can also be belted. It has a flowy and unstructured pattern. Women who wish to camouflage their tummy area can opt for this coat in deep shades as can both petite and tall women, although they should cinch it with a belt to add shape to their frame.
  8. Car Coat: This above-the-knee coat typically features buttons running down the front but can also have a double-breasted closure. With classic appeal, this piece of clothing is often cut above the knee and has sleeves that aren’t full-length. This is a great options when you want to add layers. The best part is that it is available as winter wear for women online.


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