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What Are The 6 Best Personalized Gifts For Men?

What Are The 6 Best Personalized Gifts For Men?

It is always a good idea to give personalised gifts to men because these gifts hold a much higher value for the guy. A guy will generally have a very simple lifestyle with not much vanity and no items bought just for the sake of it. Therefore a personalised gift for a man stands out and can always be best.

 Here are some of the best personalised gifting ideas for men.

1. Jawbone Jambox

This is one of the best gift that one can give to a man. A jawbone Jambox is a Bluetooth speaker of the highest quality and can connect to the phone and other Bluetooth devices to play the some great sounding music. There are also special apps that can help download music to the device directly and play it any time. The best part is that the speaker is very tiny and can fit in the palm of the hand. Also the speaker comes in various colours and can be customised to suit personal taste and style.

 2. The New MotoX

What Are The 6 Best Personalized Gifts For Men?

The new motoX is customizable with a variety of back covers. One can also get a specific name printed on the back to customize it to suit one’s personality. Not only is this a great phone but it is also available with various plans and has a lot of EMI schemes that make it more affordable. This is another option that one can look into.

 3. A Smartphone Radio Dock

This is like any other dock for music that can connect with the phone and play music and videos. But the best part about this dock is that it is shaped like an old school radio. It can always be customized and personalised through name engravings. But this is the best.

4. Customised Beer Mugs

Beer mugs can be a great gift for a man. All men love beer and what better to give company to the man while drinking than a customised mug that looks and feels different from the other glasses. These mugs can stand out during a party and make a perfect gift for men of all ages.

5. A Customised Back Pack

This is for the times when one travels. A customised back pack can be a perfect companion with the print name on it along with the personalised travel tags. There are also the other options of having custom belts fitted into it or even solar charging points. These bags are a rage these days and come in a bit expensive though. There are other attractive gifts for men from yellow Octopus that can be considered.

6. A Personalised Hot Wheels Set

A hot wheels set is something that has a lot of childhood memories attached to it for every guy. But over the years this has lost its relevance but the charm is still there. This is a gift that can be customised and can be given to any guy. The guy will love it and it will also have a sentimental value.

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