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Get a Look of Minx with Stockings

Stockings are a status quo for modern women both in the professional and fashion world. They can be classy and sexy if worn the right way and can radiate an elegant and sophisticated appearance. Stockings use a smooth and silky material that feels good to the touch. In addition to the sexy look that it gives you, stockings also have personal benefits to you physically, like toning your legs for one. It accentuates your legs and makes them look lean and toned.

Some women use stockings as a regular part of their daily outfit, especially women who dress up every day for work. Apart from the professional look, it is also very sexy to look at and some women use them to attract or impress their partners and can be an added detail during their private sexy time. When worn during a date, this can be a plus factor as men like a little visual.

Look of Minx


There are two types of stockings:

  • Suspender Belts. Stockings with suspender belts are a lot sexier and more sensual. If you look at samples of them online, suspender belts are an added detail to wearing your stockings. These are clip-ons that are used to hold your stockings in place.
  • Hold Ups. Hold up stockings, unlike the other one, do not have suspender belts. And yes, as the name suggests, it holds up on its own. Most materials use spandex or silicone on the thigh area to keep the stockings in place.

Stockings are a must-have type of lingerie for every woman. They can be very useful not only for your professional look but for your sexy look as well. As with anything, you can buy stockings online in India can be bought online and on your local department stores or fashion boutiques in India. One thing to consider when buying online though is that the size may vary. So when canvassing online, ask or look for the length and size measurements to make sure it best suits you. Here are some of the styles of stockings you can choose from:

  • Fishnet. Fishnet stockings are sexier and fashion than anything. These are the type of stockings with large or small holes, and can be often seen on “Goths” or trendy women.
  • Nylon. Nylon stockings are the most commonly used. There are sheer stockings used by women for work or for executive functions. There are also those types, especially with suspender belts, that women use to add detail to their sexiness during a date.
  • Silk. Silk stockings are rare but they feel really soft and wonderful to the touch. The material is a little fragile though, especially if it’s 100% silk. They can be easily stretched.

When you wear stockings, you don’t only put it on and then bam, it’s all good. There are steps that you should remember before putting your stockings on to make sure your get the desired effect for your legs.

  • Groom your legs first! Your stockings will accentuate your legs. Even though your legs will be underneath your stockings, it is still important that your legs are well taken care of. Groom and shave off the unwanted hair on your legs.
  • Apply Lotion or Cream. Some stockings can have itchy materials. Therefore, it would be best to protect your skin by applying lotion or cream that you use for your skin to avoid irritation. Be mindful though, when using hold ups, as these may lessen the grip and may cause your stockings to easily roll or fall down.
  • Roll them on. In putting on your stockings, remember to roll them on and not pull them up. Rolling them on can make sure they are in place without damaging the stretchy material.

Now you are ready to wear your stockings. It’s time to shop, shop, shop!


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