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A Big Company With A History And A Heritage – Boeing


When you hear the name Boeing, you immediately get the image of big airplanes that sail through the sky. Millions of people every day use airplanes to take them where they want to go anywhere in the world. However, there is more to the name Boeing than just airplanes. Boeing not only makes planes, but they are also responsible for both the defense and space of the United States.

From the Air to Outer Space

The Boeing Company began with a man named William Boeing. In 1910, a 29 year old William Boeing purchased a shipyard in that was located in Seattle, Washington. It is in this shipyard by a river, that Boeing created his very first airplane. This airplane was just the beginning of Boeing and the planes that would earn the company a reputation for creating some of the best planes in the world. By 1917, Boeing has a contract to build airplanes for the US Navy.  Two years later, Boeing’s planes were setting records, and were transporting mail across the ocean. However, airplanes are not all that Boeing offers in terms of defense and space.

Here is more information on the products that Boeing makes:

•    Air Force One:  Perhaps the most important plane in the world, Air Force One is the big plane that carries the President of the United States and his family.  Because Air Force One is basically like a White House in the sky, the plane has to be equipped with more than just typical equipment. The fact is, if something catastrophic were to happen to the United States, the President, and his advisers, could still keep the government running from 30 thousand feet in the air.

•    International Space Station:  One of the most exciting endeavors ever, Boeing was given the task of creating an international space station. Launched in 1998, the space station has been in space ever since, and people have gone up there for months at a time.  The purpose of the space station is to do research in the fields of biology, physics, astronomy, and many more fields. The space station will be in orbit until the year 2020. However, there are plans for it to continue to be i8n operation until the year 2028. There are also plans for a new space station that will replace the international space station once it is decommissioned.

•    Satellites:  Satellites are used for a number of things including radio, television, and helping people find where they are.   Boeing is always the company that corporations go to whenever they need a satellite to be built.  Many major broadcasting companies from all over the world have hired Boeing to create one or more satellites that will carry their broadcast signal around the planet.

Though the name Boeing is often associated with air travel, this company builds a lot more than just airplanes. Boeing builds many things that are needed for both defense & space. Whether it is a missile guidance system, Air Force One or a satellite to launch into space, Boeing is a diverse company that has been around for over 100 years.

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